Girls Swim Team Reflects on Season

By Rubiyah Chaudhry ’19 and Jessie Liu ’18

3,2,1..Ready, set, dive! Diving into the new season, Lady Hornets are determined to achieve victory. The girls swimming team, coached by Ms. Renee Goldfarb, is excited for the upcoming season.

Ms. Goldfarb said, “I’m proud of the girls reaching personal bests and breaking personal records.”

According to the captain of the team, Sophia Paone ’18, “This division is very competitive and therefore, it’s important to work hard but have fun  and make memories as well.”

Depending on the team they are swimming against, the atmosphere can be either calm or energetic. However, Midwood Lady Hornets are competitive and determined regardless of who the opponent is. As a result, they hear enthusiastic cheers at every competition, encouraging them to work hard. 

This year, the girls faced many challenges. There was difficulty in finding a pool to practice at because Midwood does not have a pool and James Madison high school’s pool was shut down due to renovations. Therefore, the girls have to take a trip to  Brooklyn Technical High School, Tilden High School, and Stuyvesant High School to hold their meets. Lady Hornets also faced challenges of not having enough funds to buy the team’s gear, to organize the team, and to beat personal records.

Teamwork is one of the most important components of the team because that’s how the team conquers the challenges that confront them. As each year passes, the team becomes more vigorous and gains new members.

Each girl is encouraged and cheers for others to do their best.

Teamwork is important, especially for relays since the team includes several athletes who are partaking in other extracurricular activities besides the swim team; showing that being organized, persistent, and responsible is the key to victory. They managed their schedule so their extracurriculars don’t hinder their devotion to the team. They put the team as their first priority and this trait makes them champions.

Captain Lillian Chen ’18 is the Key Club’s treasurer and also holds a position in the student government as the comptroller. Mariana Liu ’18 is also on the girls’ handball team, but balances the different seasons in order to excel in both sports.

The girls have continuously improved since they lost to Townsend Harrison High School last year in the playoffs. This defeat is a learning experience and adds to the list of challenges that the girls face as they strive to be the best in the city.

Overall, the girls are doing their best and continue to improve on their techniques. All of their previous defeats are lessons to learn from and add experience to do better in future competitions.

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