G.O. Cards Showcase Student Achievements

By Rreze Kadrijaj ’19, Farid Sikander ’19 and Brian Seetoe ’19

G.O. cards are a valuable tool for helping your college application. It is recommended that you get one to track all your credits from your extracurricular activities. G.O. cards will have a great impact in showing off your skillset or experience.

“You can apply to Arista and Archon, which is a national service society where students that have 105 credits and can write on their college application and resume. G.O. cards are a record for service that students provide for the school through clubs, teachers and administration. You can monitor for them and they should be able to give you credits.” says Mr. Lawrence Kolotkin, the student coordinator.

Service credit can be given for participating in sports; monitoring for a teacher; and helping during fairs and parent teacher conferences, SING,
school productions, and school concerts.

“I participate in two parts of SING, and two teams throughout the school year,” says Aime Chau ’19. “A G.O. card lets me make sure my service is recorded.”

Omar Jelani ’19 stated, “I volunteered for Mr. Manson because he was one of my favorite teachers, and now I can be rewarded.”

Ms. Filomena Daniels, guidance counselor, says that G.O. cards help keep students organized and help keep track of credits. She compares a G.O. card to an academic transcript.

Mr. Kolotkin sells G.O. cards in room 417 for only $5 and they will help many kids in Midwood make their college application look better. Although academics are vital for getting into college, these factors on your G.O. cards will have a major impact on your application and may give you the little boost you need to get into the college you want. The card lasts for the whole year to record your service from first and second term, and can be submitted by the end of every term.

Paul Kim ’19 stated, “Next year, all of my time dedicated towards swimming will pay off for my college application.”

According to Mr. Kolotkin, G.O. cards benefit the school because, “[G.O. cards show] that the kids are doing service for the school.”

Ensuring that your credits are recorded is very important because it allows the school to verify that you are received an amount of credits for the service you completed.

Michelle Kapusta ’19 said, “G.O. cards allow me to keep track of my credits to allow me to be eligible for ARCHON.”

G.O. cards motivate students to join more clubs and sports in order to receive more service credits. It’s a way to demonstrate your dedication towards extracurricular activities.

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