Voting to Occur on Title I After its Debut Year

By Alena Cradle-Morgan ’19

With the school’s first year under the Title 1 program coming to an end, parents and teachers will be able to vote to extend the program. Parents and teachers will vote on whether or not the school should continue with the targeted assistance program or move on to the school wide assistance program.

According to the U.S  Department of  Education website,,  “Title 1, Part A (Title 1) of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, as amended (ESEA) provides financial assistance to local educational agencies (LEAs) and schools with high number or high percentages of children from low income families to help ensure that all children meet challenging state academic standard.”

Principal MIchael McDonell explained that under the targeted assistance program, the money the school receives goes toward aiding students who need the most help and making sure students have enough credits to graduate. There are strict guidelines for how and what the money is spent on for this program. The money is spent on subject areas that a majority of students are struggling in and the ways to help those students are also dictated by the guidelines of the program.

“This program focuses on the four main subjects; math, english, science and social studies. I have students who are struggling in chemistry however the money will go to , for example, Algebra 1, because not enough students are struggling in chemistry,” said Principal Michael McDonell.

The Targeted Assistance program focuses on the numbers, if more students are struggling in a certain math class than in a certain science class, the money will go towards that math class. Mr.McDonell also gave an example that under the targeted assistance program he must assign Saturday school instead of having extra classes after school.

The school wide assistance program allows the money granted to the school to be spent on anything in the building. The principal is rooting for the school wide assistance program so that he may have more freedom to spend the money to help all students and improve all areas of the school.

“Under the school wide assistance program a larger portion would still go to struggling students but I could also hire more teachers and put money towards sports and the arts,” said. Mr.McDonell.

The principal is not the only one hoping the school advances to the school wide program. Mr. Conrad Boyd, an English teacher, believes there are many benefits that come along with the school wide assistance program.

“There will be an increase level of integration, more services for students with it no longer being limited to general education, more teachers for service, extra benefits and the parents will be happy,” said Mr. Boyd.

Mr. Boyd stated that there are limited facts as of right now on the voting and more information on any specific ideas for the use of the school funds are yet to come out.

There will be two sets of votes, one by the UFT leader and teachers and the other by the Parents Association.There is not an established time, date or location for the voting, but it is predicted by the principal to happen in April or May.

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