School Website Gets Makeover

By Sherry Chen ‘19

It’s about time for an upgrade. The school’s current homepage will have an updated version that provides not only a better organization for easy access of information, but also includes new features.

“It should be ready in February,” said Mr. Michael McDonnell. “Our old website we bought by eChalk who built our website is lacking. They forced us to use a template(setup) that did not organize our information well.”

A new website partner, Edlio, has helped to build an updated site along with Ms. Melissa Pentangelo who specializes in web development. All important information regarding a specific section will be in one spot for convenience.

“I am still in the process of migrating the information over,” said Ms. Pentangelo “The goal is to not only improve the appearance of the site to a more modern and streamlined look but, also to make the information easier to access for our visitors.”

Students have given their opinions on the current website were not fully satisfied with the experiences.

Nusrat Jahan ‘19 said, “ It needs update for easier navigation on the homepage so that students can access information and links quicker.”

Some information placed throughout the website along with setups make it inconvenient for students to find what they need.

“The website is currently not up to date as I would like it to be,” said Shawn Belykh ‘19  “It should be more simplistic providing student resources like Pupilpath and My Hrw for quicker access on the site by just a click.”

Easy navigation and useful resources have been improved on the new website to assist these issues for better experience.

Librarian Denise Gary said, “It should also link to Brooklyn Public Library and catalog because we are part of the My Library NYC which, gives students access to millions of books, eBooks, and online database for homework access. It also offers educational database and common core resources that teachers can use.”

Important academic sites that are relevant to students can be accessible directly from the homepage if needed along with other beneficial resources offered including Argus.

Chase Ware ‘18 said, “It needs work because it looks bland. I would like to see some new fonts and more graphics like pictures.”

This can promote a buzz of school spirit and special memories from events that can be added to the homepage of the new website.    

“We are trying to add more photos to the site,” said Ms. Pentangelo “We actually need help from Argus to send his high-quality photos from the newspaper.”

The new upgrade will provide changing pictures provided by Argus on the website while also providing organized sections for users. The calendar and important information will also be updated so that we are aware of deadlines and what’s going on. There will be a feature for highlights of the school year on the new website along with quick accessible links at the bottom of the page by clicking picture icons. All of these make it convenient for those using the website while modernizing it helps bring the school’s page to life.

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