Robotics Team Wows With Engineering Design

By Albert Sadiku ’19 and Leighton Sterlin ’19

Michael Jordan once said that that throughout his career, he has failed over and over again, and that was why he was able to succeed. The Midwood Hornets, who created the Pink Droyd, have applied that mentality to their work and are finding a positive
in all the negatives that come with failing in a robotics competition.

On date, students from all over New York City attended a robotics competition, First Relic Recovery, at John Dewey High School, with robots programmed to stack one foot cubes in a pattern, in the fastest time possible. In order to beat every other team, the creators of Pink Droyd had to put their brains together, with each person assigned a task.

Pink Droyd did not leave the competition empty handed, which only boosted the team’s confidence.

“During the competition, we won the award for the best design,” said Sadiq Ahmady ’18, a programmer of the Pink Droyd team. “We had a few tough competitors, and hopefully, this next tournament, we will do better.”

Ahmady found the robotics competition to be “really fun” because he met teams from all over New York City.

“The atmosphere was great. Anytime you’re in a place filled with like minded people, it’s going to be fun,” said Ahmady.

Despite not achieving their goals, “the loss only strengthened everyone,” said Ethan Yan ’19, a mechanic on the Pink Droyd team. “The team remains positive and confident in each other’s capabilities.”

Yan added that Pink Droyd’s programmers are able to “spot the problems and adjust.” He believes that because of that simple yet key characteristics, his team will continue to improve.

Currently, Pink Droyd is being updated and renovated so it is prepared to do better in the tournament in February. What’s in the team’s favor is that they have not left their experience in the past. They learned from their mistakes and are putting their newfound knowledge to practice.

“There is always room for improvement for the upcoming tournament. We changed the design of the robot to move faster and work efficiently,” said Ahmady. “Hopefully this will put us in the top rankings.”

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