Argus Website Showcases Videos

By Zehaa Albraidi ’19

The feeling of excitement arose as Argus editors uploaded the first video on the Argus website on November 30, 2017.

Damali Ramirez ‘18, editor in chief for the school’s newspaper and the creator of this idea, along with Henry Mei ‘18 and Jonathan Krimgold ‘18, and one of the journalism teachers, Ms. Catherine Kaczmarek, have all worked together to bring something new into the website. They spent hours creating and editing the first video “Midwood vs. Tilden Educational Campus.”

Creating this new feature was easier said than done, but the feeling the editors got after uploading the video made it worth it.

“I felt proud after finishing the very first video. It brings a satisfying feeling especially since it’s something I enjoy doing. I was able to bring my passion for film into the production of Argus,” said Mei.

Ramirez probably couldn’t have done it without the help of Mei and Krimgold.

“I was so proud, especially with Henry and Jonathan, they helped me a lot,” said Ramirez.  

From a teacher’s point of view, Ms.Kaczmarek was very proud of how far the students have came.

“We’ve had a website for about seven years, but we have not yet gotten to the level where we can put a video up. It wasn’t just a little video, it took a lot of work and showed a lot effort, and I think the final product looks good. I’m very proud of the kids,” Ms.Kaczmarek said.

There were a lot of problems that came along with filming footage for the video.

“Towards the end, our camera died so we had to quickly switch to another camera. The players were new to giving video interviews, so we constantly had to ask them to repeat what they were saying, and they also kept using little “umm’s” and “oh’s” and “give me a minute”, so that kinda also took up time,” said Ramirez.

Editing the video was not easy as well, as it took a lot of time, focus, and dedication. These editors had hours worth of footage from the game and the interviews, and Mei edited them down to four minutes.

“It took 2-3 days to edit the footage. From the editing perspective, since this was a sports highlight video, I had to make sure everything flowed smoothly. The shots and the audio had to be in sync, so that when you watch it, you feel like you’re at the game,” Mei explained.

The reason for this new addition on the website according to Ramirez, is nowadays journalism is on videos and TV, so journalists have to learn how to get interviews on the spot, edit it quickly and put it out there as fast as they can. She is also trying to adjust to the new style that journalism follows.

The topics for a video can be just about anything from Sports to Kwanzaa fest to SING.

“We are planning on making a video for the Argus website every month. This is a new feature introduced by me and the Editor in chief because both of us have experience in media production. We want to bring something new to the website to keep readers interested in the production of Argus and what better way to do that than having a visual in the form of a video,” said Mei.

If you’re interested in seeing the video of the boys varsity basketball team playing against the Tilden Educational Campus, go on the Argus website at

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