Mayor Serves As Strong Leader

By Alexa Delacruz ’19

Joyce Chen ’18 has a lot on her plate being Mid- wood’s newest Mayor. From organizing important meetings to events and school announcements, being Mayor is definitely a tough job, but she’s able to handle it.

Before becoming the school Mayor, Joyce Chen served as the Junior Vice President (JVP). During her time as JVP, she noticed significant changes the student government of
2016-2017 had on the school, and was inspired by former Mayor Clifford Young to continue his legacy.

“As the JVP I was able to witness the strong community we had in student government and the large impacts we were able to make throughout the school year,” said Chen ’18. “I knew I wanted to continue to do this to a larger extent and platform where I am able to impact the school and not just my graduating class of 2018 during my last year at Midwood.”

The Mayor maintains the highest position in student government and serves as a role model for the student body by embodying Midwood’s fundamental values of honesty, respect and responsibility.

As Mayor, Chen’s responsibilities include working closely with the Coordinator of Student Activities, Mr. Lawrence Kolotkin, and the school administrators to act as the liaison between the 4,200 students and the school. She has to communicate with the student government officers and update them on new ideas, projects and tasks they
need to do to help their graduating class. She’s responsible for organizing, arranging, and holding monthly meetings with the COSA, student government officers, and the Principal. Chen must also deliver the pledge and announcements each morning.

Joyce Chen has a lot of goals for the future of Midwood. Currently, she and the student government are planning an Asian Festival dedicated to celebrating the Asian cultures that we have at Midwood. They are working with clubs to plan out an event sometime at the beginning of 2018. She’s hoping the future student government and Mayor will
expand and make the Club Fair even better than before. “One thing I hope to achieve before I graduate is to definitely continue to make Midwood clean,” said Chen ’18.

The Student Government has taken many initiatives on reducing the amount of trash that is accumulated in the hallways and staircases. Chen is working hard to remove as much waste as possible to make Midwood a much more pristine school.

Chen enjoys being Mayor and being able to serve the school. However, with all titles and positions, there are pros and cons. To her, the pros of her job definitely outweigh the cons.

“The pros are probably seeing all the planning of events and activities come to life,” said
Chen ’18. “The cons are probably the endless work that is placed on the Comptroller and me, but student government works as a team so there is never really a downside to much of the scenarios.”

Joyce Chen’s workload doesn’t often allow her to have much time to do other activities outside of school. Her favorite hobbies include reading with the company of either tea or coffee, and catching up on some TV shows she’s behind on due to her busy schedule.

“It is definitely hard balancing student government with my senior course load, but I make sure that I dedicate a sufficient amount of time every day to doing both and doing my best,” said Chen.

Before participating in student government, Chen’s original goal for her future was to work in the medical field and have a career as an OB/GYN physician. Now, as her growing passion for government and politics flourishes, she hopes to take the leadership abilities she’s acquired from being Mayor and head of student government to have a profession in the legal or political field.

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