Hornets ‘Par-tay’ at Parlay

By Naomi Lee ’19 and Alex Li ’19

Brunch dates are extremely popular nowadays. You go out with a friend or two, sit in a cozy cafe, sip some coffee, eat a sandwich, and catch up here and there.
However, choosing a place in the Big Apple can lead to a state of indecision. There are so many factors to consider: the price, crowd, noise level, and food quality. One of my favor-
ite brunch spots is located in the heart of Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

Parlay is the prime cafe for brunch ideas. The place is pleasant and it
has everything a brunch enthusiast can ask for: nice interior design, variety of food options, and plus… it’s super cheap! The place goes unnoticed and is definitely one of New York City’s hidden gems.

Located between 40 and 41 Street on 8 Avenue, Parlay is in the midst of a cozy neighbor-
hood. You can swing by at any time. It opens from 7 A.M. to 7 P.M. everyday. Unlike the Manhattan brunch places that stop serving brunch at a certain time, brunch at Parlay never ends, which is amazing if you’re randomly craving pancakes at 6:00 P.M.

The atmosphere is cozy and comfy; it’s perfect for you if you want to avoid cold winter
days. What puts the whole place together are the lights hanging all across. It makes the place eye-catching and bright. The plants add so much to the cafe as well; the greenery is simply beautiful. There is a huge chalkboard on the wall with the food and drinks they
serve which is a nice way of displaying their menu. I couldn’t stop myself from taking pictures of the place from all different angles.

Fizza Nayab ’20 said, “The interior of the cafe is so cute. I love the lights situation, it makes the cafe really bright. I especially love the vinyl. It sets a really nice vibe and I always find myself going back to the cafe.”

The customer service was great as well. I sat down with my friend and our waitress happily greeted us with a glass of water and menus. We looked over the menu and noticed the variety of food options they had to offer. There were breakfast items, such as pancakes and french toast. The lunch menu includes sandwiches, french fries, and omelettes. Everything on the menu was incredibly affordable compared to Manhattan brunch spots. The food dishes are all under $12 and drinks are all under $5. You can even make special requests to your dish, and the charge will be as low as 50 cents.

We started off with some coffee, I ordered a latte and my friend ordered a green tea. My latte had a cute design on top and the drinks were really good.
We ordered the Eggs Florentine, spinach, and cheese omelette along with hand cut fries to share. Our fries came in a five minutes. Our hand cut fries were huge at such an affordable price.

When our actual dishes came, we were both surprised to see how large the portions were considering it was so cheap. Our egg dishes came with a side of home fries. We dove right into our dishes. Who knew spinach and cheese made such a
good combination? The taste just blended so perfectly together. The food was great, which automatically brings it to the top of my go-to brunch places.
Ikra Islam ’19 said, “I stopped by on a Saturday morning with a friend over the summer. I had an Eggs Royale, which is two poached eggs and smoked salmon on english muffin. It was also served with a side of home fries. The food tasted amazing, and it’s also really
cheap, surprisingly. Parlay has to beone of my favorite brunch spots.”

For dinner, Parlay serves a unique dish not many brunch places offer: Mum’s Malaysian
Curry Chicken. It is a Malaysian-owned cafe, so, of course, the curry is made with love. The dish is served with chicken, potatoes, and a side of roti canai. It is an uncommon dish among brunch places, which makes this one so special.

A regular customer, Paul Smiths said, “My wife and I come mainly for the Mum’s Malaysian Curry Chicken. We always have it with a glass of wine, and it’s amazing. I’m unsure as to what type of magical spice it’s cooked with, but it’s so good! It’s the
perfect amount of sweetness and spice mixed together. I’m not a big fan of Asian food, but this dish has to be one of my favorites.”

Not only is Parlay good for brunch dates, it is also a prime spot for work and study dates. The cafe always plays calm, relaxing music, which is the perfect setting for a latte and work kind-of day. And plus, there’s free Wi-Fi. It’s rather quiet, which is good if you want to order a dish and work at the same time.

Ethan Zhang ’18 said, “It’s a small and quiet cafe which is perfect for studying. I focus really well there too. I order a cup of coffee and study away.”

If you’re a brunch enthusiast who is always on the hunt for cheap, cute cafes to study at or to catch up with a friend, it really doesn’t get any better than Parlay!

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