French Classes Re-enact The Past

By Carlos Gomez ’19

Mrs. Jean Baptiste’s French 7 class was transformed into a stage as the students presented a play demonstrating the history of France using the comic Asterix.

The students enacted their own scenes inspired by those who fought for the control of Gaul against the Romans around 121 BC. They also used different props and materials to effectively recreate their scenes.

“I liked how all the students went out their way to get costumes that fit in the Gallo- Roman period. The entire presentations were in French and everyone memorized their lines,” said Basimah Zahid ’19.

Justin Rive- ra ’19 planned to make his story as funny as possible.
“ W eplanned to enact a story about how the Gauls prepared the mistletoe for the
New Year, ‘Le guide Nouvel An,’ he said. “To do this scene, we would have one per-
son attempt to cut the mistletoe however they tripped and fell down
onto another person, accidentally kissing under the mistletoe.”

For Annie Mema ’19, her favor- ite presentation was by the group of Mohima Oishe ’19 who described the love story between Asterix and Gazelle. Gazelle drinks a love potion and falls in love with Asterix.

“I really liked Mohima’s group presentation because they included a lot of facts and incorporated a lot of humor when they used a boy for a girl’s character,” she said.

The students also faced difficulties with their presentation.

“It was difficult to tell what the Gauls did for the New Year because the way we tried to tell it may not have been the greatest,” Tristan Doolchan ’19 explains. Some students may also not have understood what the Gauls actually did as our acting may not have been the best.”

Recreating the scenes allowed the students to not only understand the history of the Gallo-Roman period but to also help with their accents and pronunciation.

“This was also all in French, which helped us improveour pronunciation and hear others. It is very rare that we understand other students, but through this project we were able to comprehend accents we never hear,” said Matthew Tadros ’19.

“When the students act it out, it comes to life,” said Mrs. Jean Baptiste. “The students were supposed to get a feel of the Gallo-Roman period and how they had to fight to get
what was rightfully theirs. It was portrayed in numerous ways; a basketball game that defeated the Romans, and a love interest of a Gaul citizen and a Roman among many others.”

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