College Point Mixes Classic Charm With Modern Vibe

By Xin Zhen ’19

The small neighborhood in Queens named College Point was founded by Conrad Poppenhusen. The name College Point is taken from St. Paul’s College which was located in what is now called Macneil Park. In its early days it was a town filled with factories, known to very few living outside of its borders.

In the 1800s Poppenhusen built the famous structure, the Poppenhusen Institute. According to this building held lessons for workers and was used as a school for kindergarteners. Now the building offers a variety of programs such as karate classes and AA meetings. It is also the site for many activities such as the College Point haunted house that was held a few years back.

College Point has grown over the years but is still considered by its residents one of the most isolated neighborhoods in Queens.

According to Mr. Edison Peña, he first found out about College Point because he came to visit a friend who had opened up a restaurant here called Mangu.

“I know about the place because I live in Flushing and it neighbors College Point. I also occasionally visit the BJ’s on 20th Ave. and on weekends or breaks visit Multiplex Cinemas to watch movies with friends,” said Kevin Chen ’19, a student from Long Island City High School.

Along with the haunted house event held in the Poppenhusen Institute, College Point
also has an annual street fair. The street fair is a one day event located on College Point Blvd. and is usually held on the Sunday before Halloween.

“It gets crowded during the event. You can find many businesses promoting them-
selves during this time. Lots of local restaurants set up tables outside to sell their food. There’s also a few carnival style games for kids, as well as vendors selling all kinds of
things from toys to tools,” said Yiding Yang’19, a student from Stuyvesant High School.

College Point has many other structures such as the New York Times printing facility and buildings such as Winstar Industries, which is an aluminum workshop, and Champion Building Consulting Co., which is a construction company.

Another structure in College Point is the Poppenhusen Library. This small library was founded by Andrew Carnegie and is still active today. Many students go there after school to study, read, hang out, and attend weekly events.

“I currently don’t go there as often as I had when I was younger. When I do go, I often read comics books,” said Raphael Attiaala ’19, a student at Bayside High School.

College Point borders Flushing, which is less than a 15 minute drive away. It provides housing for many of those who go to Flushing for work, school, shopping or food. Unlike Flushing, which is almost always crowded and lively, College Point is considered a safe and quiet place by its residents.

“We were looking for a place to stay and found a house with affordable rent in College Point. It’s also a convenient place to live since it’s located close to Flushing. It’s a place for families, there are decent schools in the area, it’s quiet and we don’t need much police force here,” said Yang.

According to Frank Fernandez ’19, a Flushing High School student, he still goes to school there, even though he no longer lives in College Point, because his parents thought the
schools here were better.

College Point Boulevard is the most active place in the neighborhood, and it has many stores such as Walgreens, Key Food, 99 cents stores, but mainly restaurants and fast food places.

The restaurants offer a variety of food from different cultures. The food varies from hispanic food to chinese.

“One of my favorite restaurants is Mangu because they serve Hispanic food there but mainly Dominican which is the country I came from,” said Elison Peña García ’19 a stu-
dent from Queens Vocational and Technical High School.

Aside from restaurants, College Point also has food stores such as Kennedy Fried Chicken, Sal’s Pizza and Italian Kitchen and Mango Mama.

“Mango Mama isn’t really a fast food store but more like a cafe. It still offers fast food such as french fries and onion rings but it’s menu largely consists of drinks. It is a great place to hang out with friends or just to have some bubble tea. It offers a variety of flavors for their bubble tea and a lot of different drinks, hot and cold,” said Yang.

The most popular places in College Point include the Buffet and Lulu’s seafood that attract customers from all boroughs such as Jonathan Li ’20, who lives hours away in Brooklyn.

“I like celebrating at the Buffet because they offer a variety of foods and has great pricing. However, it does get crowded there during holidays so I never forget to make reservations,” said Penny Wang ’20, a student at Stuyvesant High School.

Many people believe that College Point isn’t a great place to visit since there aren’t many attractions or fun places to go.

“It’s really not a very interesting place to be. There’s a couple of restaurants and stuff but the most exciting things you’ll get out of here is the park and the theater,” said Peña García.

However, others believe that it is still a great place to hang out with friends.

“It’s a nice place to be with friends since you do several things there such as skating or just walking around to enjoy the view,” said Attiaala.

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