Boys Bowling Strikes Through Competition

By Muhammad Hamza ’19 and Karriem Lomas ’19

Midwood’s bowling team is a hard working collection of students who strive for success through the leadership of their coach, Mr. Michael Moore.

The Hornets were undefeated in the regular season with a score of 11-0 and ranked first in the league.

Holding the undefeated title in the regular season required a lot of hard work and practice. The bowling team practices for two hours a day, three days a week,
stated Patrice Noel ‘18, one of the members of the team. They work long and hard to make it to the playoffs, and while they lost the playoffs in the second round, Noel explains that the best part of being on the team is you get to have fun. In the second round, rival New Dorp won with a score of 2-1 at Show Place Lane.

“With bowling, it’s just repetition, so we are at practice a lot and encouraging them this is a lifetime sport,” explained Moore. “People are grandparents that still bowl.”

Noel also said that Coach Moore is “a good coach” who is always looking out for his team
and making sure that they stay at the top of their game. Mr. Moore pushes the team members to their limits in order for them to achieve the highest potential possible.

Finally, Noel believes the future for the bowling team seems bright. He stated, “[Even] without me and the other seniors, they should make it to the playoffs.”
Though these star players may be gone, Noel is confident that the remaining players will secure victory for Midwood’s bowling team in the future, with Mr. Moore leading them.

Mr. Moore explains that the bowling team has had a very successful past five years. “Hopefully, we can continue” and get further into the playoffs next season, he said. The boy’s bowling team has been ranked number one in the league since 2014.
Mr. Moore works to keep the way that the bowling team functions the same as
previous years. He stated that he intends on keeping the “rich tradition” that the team
has had since it began and which allowed them to earn such great success thus far.

It thrills Mr. Moore to see the academically motivated students who join the bowling team become so highly committed to the sport, which makes it fun for both the players on the team as well as Mr. Moore.

Mr. Moore also explains that the best part of being the coach of the team is you “get an opportunity to work with athletes and sharing school spirit.” He loves the athletes that he gets to work with as well as being able to see them succeed and mature over the five years that he has been the coach.  

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