Alumni Teacher Challenges Students

By Muhammad Abuzar ’19

“I love Dr. Walters, but sometimes he makes me grit my teeth,” a student whispered in the halls as we walked out of class.

Almost every Wednesday, pre-calculus teacher Dr. David Walters gives an exam. At the end of eighth period, we walk out of the south wing, nervously conversing about how difficult the test was.

“Dr. Walters is really funny and lightens up my mood, however, it is not all fun and games in his class. From my experience, Walters can be very challenging
when it comes to tests and quizzes,” Tahreem Qadeer ’19, a student of Dr. Walters’, said.

Dr. Walters is an alumnus of Midwood High School. He went here for all four years of his
high school career and graduated with the class of ’97.
“Midwood taught me what the real world was like,” Dr. Walters said.

“Many different types of leaders were shown here at Midwood.”

Dr. Walters was quite the athlete. He played for the lacrosse team for all four years
and took on wrestling for two years as well.

“I continued playing lacrosse in college, but I never had the thought of going professional,” Dr. Walters said.

Dr. Walters was heavily involved in clubs as well. He participated in the Westinghouse of Science at Downstate Hospital, the Westinghouse of Social Science at the Korea Society, Hellenic Society, and the orchestra. Dr. Walter’s favorite memory of Midwood is “being a
part of the Kids to Korea program. I was chosen to be a junior ambassador to South Korea as an ambassador of our community.”

Before starting a profession, there are moments that guide you to commit to it. For Dr. Walters, the attack on the World Trade Center was one of these mo-
ments. Dr. Walters was there that day and witnessed the buildings come down in avalanches of smoke and debris.

“After 9/11, I wanted to do something different with my life,” Dr. Walters said, “something meaningful.”

Dr. Walters started teaching at Midwood in 2002. “They were hiring here and it was a good opportunity to teach at my roots and I jumped on it,” he said.

Dr. Walters has taught every health education, gym, and com-
puter programing, and every math course at Midwood.

Dr. Walters has been teaching here for almost sixteen years now. He has experienced Midwood through two decades and two very different generations of students.

“More opportunities for the students are given now,” Dr. Walters expressed, “especially with all this new technology.”


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