Girls Track Overcomes Adversity

By Christina Wu ’19
A first place win was secured by the girls track team at the Jim McKay Challenge meet
on December 2. The girls were up against Hunter College High School and many other public schools.

Even though the girls had done well, Harry A. Singer, assistant coach, was surprised when it was announced that they had won the meet.

“We expected we were going to do okay but we didn’t know how we would do because
we didn’t score points [last year at the City Championship], which lead to us being sent
to the B sections,” Mr. Singer stated. “It shows we have a lot to work to do to get
back on that level.”

At this particular meet there were two sections, the A section and the B section. The A
section is for teams that scored points last year in City Champs. This has been the first time in decades that the girls track team had to drop to the B section. Despite being
dropped to the B section, there were some outstanding performances.

Imma Ruiz ‘19 qualified for cities with a 3:19.03 for the 1000 meter, along with Mackenzie Evans ‘18, who scored first in the varsity 300 with a 43.19. The 4 x 4 varsity also came first, with the frosh 4 x 4 coming in third in their division. Even though this was the second meet of the season, some girls already set high expectations of themselves.

“Even though my times were undesirable, with more training it would be where I would like it to be,” Simiana Carter ‘18 specified. Despite Carter’s time, she placed fourth in the 600.

The team allows the girls to push themselves to qualify and improve their times. Making it into City Champs, and then State Champs, is a big deal for student athletes. The PSAL has requirements to ensure that only the best athletes make it into cities. These requirements include running below the times posted for running events and jumping or throwing more than required for field events. It shows that the athletes have improved and can go against tougher competition.

“I did splits and made sure the times were consistent. I also plan to strengthen my core and my legs to prepare me for cities,” Evans said. “I have faith in our 4 x 4 and 4 x 2; our 4 x 2 almost qualified for cities by half a second.” Splits are long runs that are divided into smaller parts, in order to track consistency in pace.

Hardwork and tough training prepares the girls for the hurdles that come with meets. Estela Villacis ‘20 ran the 1000 for the first time at the McKay meet, coming in eighth. The 1000 meter can be difficult because it is a combination between distance and sprinting. If not properly trained for, athletes could deplete themselves of stamina or not push themselves hard enough before the race is over.

“It was a bit challenging because I have not run the 1000 meter before,” Villacis stated. “I feel that the team motivates me because I can go against other people and learn from my mistakes.”

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