Award-Winning Alumni Inspires Journalism Students

By Damali Ramirez ’18

Nearly 42 years since he last stepped inside Midwood High School Steve Carp, a sports journalist for the Review-Journal and a 1974 alumni, was invited to speak to Ms. Kaczmarek’s and Mr. Levison’s journalism classes on October 31, 2017. He gave students an insight into what a sports journalist’s job is really like, offered career advice, and discussed his experience as a Hornet.

During his time as a Hornet, Mr. Carp wrote for Argus for three years, in particular, the sports section. His love for writing sports articles for Argus led to him wanting to become a sports journalist. In 1977, he left Manhattan College to attend San Jose State’s journalism program and graduated in 1979.

He has been with the Review-Journal for 17 years and was named to the United States Basketball Writers Association Hall of Fame. In 2010, Mr. Carp added author to his resume by publishing Runnin’ a book about The University of Nevada’s basketball legacy. Last year he won Nevada Sportswriter of the Year Award for the fifth time. Mr. Carp stated his gratitude for his accomplishments and opportunities as he talked to students.

Although Mr. Carp has accomplished a lot, he still faces obstacles such as fake news, keeping up with social media and deadlines in his profession. He competes with bloggers, other news organizations, and insiders (writers a sports team hires to write articles about them) on putting materials out first.    

“Without accuracy we are nothing,” he added, “No matter what I do I want it to be accurate and fair, but I also want to get it out first.”

When Mr. Carp writes an article, he prepares a before, during, and after copy at the game. He continually changes and updates a story with new information for readers. He also uploads his content and videos online and is active in social media.

“When I write it becomes the history of the team and the city,” he said. He added the long, difficult process is very rewarding in the end.

Mr. Carp emphasized to become a journalist a person must learn how to become interactive with people, good listeners, allow people to respond and have reliable and accurate sources. He also advised students to get into the profession only if they genuinely love writing.

He also gave students advice on improving their interviewing skills. He told them first to get background information on the person they’re interviewing to make their subject comfortable as time is always limited. Then, advised students to ask the important questions first.

His final tip to students was to read, write, and incorporate other people’s writing style to improve and get comfortable with their own.

Towards the end of his discussion, Mr. Carp stated he plans on pushing himself to overcome more challenges until he retires.


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