Snowtubing Awaits Seniors

By Sarah Cen ’18 and Damali Ramirez ’18

Despite rumors speculating that the senior trip was canceled, Mr. Larry Kolotkin announced in an email on November 17 that the senior trip is still happening.

“We never said it was canceled,” stated Mr. Kolotkin. He added that students were constantly approaching him, asking if the senior trip was canceled. In all, 30 students will attend the senior trip, making planning and organizing the trip easier according to Mr. Kolotkin.

Mr. Kolotkin and Ms. Liz Bommarito organized the senior trip to Hudson Valley Resort, located in the Catskills. For three days and two nights, the seniors will engage in a series of activities, such as paintballing, skiing, sledding, snow tubing, and swimming. Students can also explore the game room and the fitness room. The trip will occur from January 26 to January 29.

“While the trip isn’t to an exotic island, it’s an opportunity to spend more time with your fellow Midwood graduates and become closer before we step into the real world. This is going to be a great memory, and I’m most excited for spending time with friends and skiing,” said Alexandra Angert ’18.

Another student looking forward to the trip is Korina Kemelmakher ’18.

Kemelmakher said, “I’m going on the trip to spend time with my close friends, and I am looking forward to snow tubing.”

However, money and bad reviews seem to be a trending topic with the seniors. In total, the trip costs $310, not including the additional fees for indoor and outdoor activities.

“The trip was just given to us. We didn’t really have a choice. I’m not going to go somewhere I don’t want to go and plus I heard bad things about it,” said Averey De Briz ’18. “If I’m going to spend money on something, I want it to be something that’s cool and fun. It would just be a waste of money.”

Some students have done their research on Hudson Valley Resort and based their decision on the negative reviews.

Safiya Skeffers ’18 said, “I didn’t want to go on my senior trip because when I did my research there were a lot of mixed reviews. There were pictures and reports of bed bugs, roaches, and showers not working.”

Although many aren’t interested in attending the trip, the ones who are can experience new activities and bond with their fellow graduates.

Elysia Richards-Durham ’19 contributed to the article.

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