Second Floor Gets a Face Lift

By Daisy Chen ’19, Kaidi Gao ’19, and Muhammad Hamza ’19

The school’s second floor is under a beautification process to fix up the walls and redecorate. The walls and doors are going to be repainted.

The paint on the walls of the second floor are unevenly colored because pictures and plaques have been hung there for a long time causing the walls to turn yellow. The
beautification process includes fixing up and repainting the walls by removing the plaques.

The redecorating project began with the arrival of the new head custodian, Mr. Steve Fassano. He took a look around and saw the outdated decorations on the first and second floor. The plaques on both floors include teacher of the year awards, valedictorian awards, and many other achievements by former Midwood students. It didn’t make sense to get rid of these memories because it would erase Midwood’s
history. Therefore, an urgent plan was needed.

“We hope to devise a plan that would keep our culture and tradition while giving it a modern look,” said Mr. Alan Stack, the AP of Organization.

After removing all of the materials on the walls, the plaques would be carefully examined to see if they are worth putting back up. The plaques will be cut to save space on the walls and Mr. Stack will order new plaques with the nameplates.

“This is going to take a while and the cost has to be covered,” said Mr. Stack. “I don’t know the cost of the operation, but it is not immense.”

The cost for the entire project will be funded into the senior dues and the custodial budget, said Mr. Stack. However, some materials are being donated by alumni.

The second floor walls are filled with pictures of the school’s teams and clubs from 20 or more years ago.

“We need to bring back the history for what the school’s most known for. I’ve lived on this floor for 20 years, and it’s nice to see the pictures of the people on the teams,” said Ms. Marilyn Ferrarin, the secretary-treasurer. She continued by stating, “When I walk around the hallway, I look forward to seeing my daughter’s pictures on the walls.”

Ms. Ferrarin’s daughter, Ms. Jenny Ferrarin, coach of the girls varsity softball and junior varsity girls basketball teams, used to go to this school and she was on the bowling, basketball, and softball teams. Now, her daughter is a gym teacher at Midwood, so Ms. Ferrarin enjoys seeing her daughter’s pictures hung up on the walls and recalling the memories.

“I’m happy to hear that Midwood is repainting the different colored walls,” said Amy Li ’19

The beautification is an inverted process.

“The process includes taking everything down from the walls so we can repaint it to make the walls evenly colored. We also are going to have all the pictures on the walls redone since they are all mostly black and white. I would like for the pictures to be reframed,” said Ms. Ferrarin.

Since photos of teams were up on the walls, students who are on those teams will feel a sense of accomplishment. They will think about the games they played together as a team.

“I’m on the swim team and I would like our memories to be kept in the hallways of Midwood. It’ll be nice walking down the second floor hallway while seeing our team photo. It brings back memories of all the wins and losses we went through together as a team,” said Ashley Quarless ’19.

The goal of the beautification is to give the first and second floor a cleaner look while preserving its history and traditions.

“In the long run, it will benefit our school, but like other projects, it will take some time,” stated Mr. Stack. The painting of the walls will most likely take place during the winter break and likely will be finished when the break is over.

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