UNICEF Club Advocates for Children Around the World

By Cindy Wang ‘19

Many children around the world don’t have access to necessities to survive.  The members of the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) devote themselves to help children in need by organizing charitable events in schools and collaborating with outside organizations.  The school’s UNICEF club has the same mission.  They meet periods nine and 10 on friday in room 435.

“At a time when they should be learning, many children have to cope with traumatic experiences which have a huge impact on their psychological state,” said Savlatjon Rahmatulloev ‘18, UNICEF’s club president.  “War, famine, and epidemics are some of the issues that directly affect millions of children around the world. I felt a strong connection to the cause that UNICEF was fighting for.”

The club participated in several events to raise funds for children around the world.  For Halloween, they were given a small orange box.  Instead of trick-or-treating for candy, UNICEF members collected donations.  Depending on how much money was donated, different items were bought for children in other countries to use. For example, $15 worth of donations could have bought a box of mosquito nets to protect children from malaria. Ms. Marly Jean-Baptiste, UNICEF’S club advisor, brought her Halloween donations box to her church where people contributed to the cause.

“The kids come up with the ideas.  They are very dedicated and organized students,” said Ms. Jean-Baptiste.

In December, UNICEF members sold wristbands at the Brooklyn Museum.  The wristbands, designed by the members, were sold for $1.  However, people were willing to donate even more money for their cause.

From December 18 through 20 during periods one through five, UNICEF will sell Christmas cards at school to help children in Puerto Rico who suffered from the hurricane.  UNICEF members will also deliver cards to students throughout the school upon request.

While UNICEF continues to provide service for the children of the world, members of the club at school contribute by taking small steps to make big changes in the community.

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