Pride Club Supports LGBTQ+ Community

By Kelis Calvin ‘19

Pride Club is a community where students who either identify as LGBTQ+ ,or just want to show their support, come together every Tuesday in room 483. During each meeting, students discuss a different topic revolving around LGBTQ+ issues. Games, educational videos,  lessons, and personal conversations are used during meetings to engage the club members.

“I made this club because I noticed the absence of a safe space for LGBT students … so I took it into my own hands to create a space for everyone and myself,” said club president, Emelyn Zacarias ‘18.

“What I like most about Pride Club is that there are so many members. We had over 20 members in our last meeting, and almost everyone is a member of the LGBT community. It’s just such a great place,” said vice president, Jesse Bickerton  ‘19.

“I love the clubs atmosphere. It’s a great way for me to meet new people and hang out with friends.” said Megan Kane ‘18.

While Pride Club is an amazing place to make friends, it’s also meant to make students feel comfortable with their sexuality and gender and provide them with a safe environment where they won’t be judged for who they are.

“This club is my personal safe space. I’m never afraid to share anything with anyone and everyone is always trustworthy. I feel like I can share things and no one will say anything,” said Kane.

Bickerton said,“I do feel really safe at Pride Club because everyone is so open and accepting to what other people have to say. I can definitely trust members to not share information, mostly because everyone there is expressing a part of themselves that they can’t in other places. Everyone trusts each other because we’re all experiencing the same things.”

Zacarias said, “What I like most about this club is when everyone is sharing. I like hearing everyone’s perspectives and stories and opinions on the queer community and life in general. When kids are comfortable sharing stories it creates a nice atmosphere that you just want to be in.”

In this club, members are educated on various different topics involving the LGBTQ+ which are important to be informed on because they gain a deeper understanding about it.

“What I want the club members to get out of this is mostly exposure,” said Zacarias.  “So I want the queer kids to be exposed to other queer kids and know that they are not alone, and I want the straight allies to be informed on things they may have never heard of before. I want it to be a learning experience as well as a fun time.”

“I learned a lot about people’s identities, sexual orientations, and how every relationship is different. I think that people should know what we learn in Pride Club because then there wouldn’t be as much hate in the world,” said Bickerton.

“I’ve learned about important issues whether they’re LBGT or not,” Kane said.  “I’ve also learned more about the people at this club. It’s super educational on topics I feel like I’ll never learn in class. Everyone should know about sex education and about current events. This club tells you about an issue and almost always offers ways to help.”

The members of the Pride Club are a family, they support and comfort one another through times. This club definitely achieves creating a safe space for students who identify with LGBTQ+ and making change in people’s lives through education.

“The Pride Club is probably one of the most accepting places in the school. It’s fun,” said Ms. Elizabeth Bouiss, club advisor. “I like how there’s a lot of love in the room. It’s nice to see that students have a place where they can come and feel comfortable with their identities.”

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