Physics Class Visits Natural History Museum

By Elizabeth Maharaj ’19

Mr. Howard Spergel’s Regents Physics class took a trip to the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) to get a feel of  the effects of science on the real world on November 16.

The purpose of the trip was for students to see the role gravity plays on an everyday basis and how gravity interacts with other forces and objects in space and on earth.

“I thought that the trip was interesting, and it was fun to go out on a trip and hang out with my classmates,” said Imma Ruiz ‘19.

The trip was put together by Mr. Michael Supple, a student teacher from the AMNH who has been assigned to work at Midwood for this semester. Mr. Supple is in a program to get his Masters degree for teaching.

“I took [the class] there, so they could look at interactions with different forces and gravity on different objects,” said Mr. Supple. “I really hope they [the class] enjoyed it.”

During the trip, students were taken to see the halls of African people, the hall of the Universe, and to see a short film called, “The Dark Universe.”

“It was very educational and at the same time very fun,” said Sophia Koshkalda ‘19. “No other class went on a trip like this, so it was also unique.”

Mr. Spergel’s class was able to have this experience to get  a feel on outside learning, which overall seemed to have helped his students to better understand what was going on in class.

“It was an enriching learning experience,” said Mr. Spergel. “Not only did the kids got involved in real life situations, but they also got out of the classroom and see a different part of the city.”

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