Knitting/Felting Club Creates Keepsakes

By Annie Wong ‘19

The knitting and felting club is relatively new, having only been created at the beginning of this year, in April. Despite that, it has already accumulated a handful of students who are passionate about knitting and felting.

Club meetings are every Monday ninth period in room 3S. The club was created by Keying Lao ‘18 and Jessie Zheng ‘18. The club advisor, Ms. Laura Doyle, has been the club advisor since the club was created.

Previous experience is not needed because the members are taught to knit and felt. They also advance their skills by learning from others.

Ms. Wendy Guida donated a few supplies to the club in the spring. The club leaders also provide supplies such as knitting needles, felting needles, wool, yarn, and felting mat; but members can bring their own materials if they want to.

“We started this club because Jessie and I enjoy making arts and crafts,” Lao said. “We want to share our interests with other students.”

Even though the room gets full, Ms. Doyle states that the students are clam.

Ms. Doyle said, “I love it because they are so organized, well behaved, and what they produced is awesome. It’s very relaxing to be here. They’re always so calm and genuinely nice students. I just expect them to be nice, respectful, and listen to the president of the club.”

Some students joined the club to learn new things and to have new experiences.

Emily Zhen ‘19 said, “I joined this club because I wanted to try knitting and felting. I’ve only ever tried crocheting, so this is a new experience for me. I’ve only recently joined and I can’t wait to see what, if any, skills I acquire.”

For many, this club is a place where students can relax and relieve their stress by doing what they enjoy.

“It’s my junior year, so my student life is pretty hectic right now,” Zhen said. “I don’t usually have much time for hobbies, but being a part of this club allows me to have a specific time period to do whatever I like.”

Club members are usually allowed to work on their own projects and make their own things, but occasionally there are group projects. They are currently working on needle felting hamsters and penguins, and knitting bunnies. People who are working on the same thing usually sit together and work quietly.

“In the club, I’m currently crocheting a scarf,” Zhen said. “After I finish, I think I’ll join the rest of the club in needle felting, because I really need to work on it. The other day, in my free time, I tried felting a mushroom, but it ended up looking more like a tree.”

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