Extended Absences Create Difficulties Catching Up

By William Vamvouris ’19 and Abu Butt ’19

            Every year, there are usually kids who are absent for long periods of time, and they might fall behind in class. Teachers and faculty are trying to think of ways to prevent this.

“Usually when kids are absent, we need to know why first,” Ms. Marcy Kotler said. “We encourage teachers to use PupilPath and do as much work as possible so that the student doesn’t fall behind.”

Kotler also stated that Midwood gives every opportunity for students to make up the work that they missed.  However, it can be hard to make up science, math, and science lab assignments.  Kotler said that if the student and parent can communicate with their teachers, then the student can still do well in class.

Ms. Elda Pisano said that there are usually about 40 students per year who are absent for long periods of time. Pisano also claims that the school does home visits to check up on the student, and they send letters home to parents to work with them. There are also alternative programs for the student if they don’t want to be here anymore. These programs are GEDs, YABC for students who are short on a few credits, and small seating schools.

“I think that students should try to ask for notes and work while they are absent,” Samuel Katz ’19 said. “They should also try to keep up to date with stuff when they are not there.” Katz  also said that he would try to explain to other students what they had missed, if they were absent.

Azizbek Ochilov ‘19 stated, “During my absence, I usually check PupilPath to see what I missed out on. If some classes have no assignments there, I contact my friends that are in the same class for any information and assignments that I missed.”

Ochilov suggested that teachers should post lessons and assignments daily on PupilPath so that students can make it up. Ochilov also said that he would help students absent for extended periods of time by showing them the notes from when they were out and explain the lessons to the best of his ability.

Ms. Mardee Goodwin stated that the best thing a student can do while they are out is to keep in touch with the teachers on PupilPath. Ms. Goodwin says that if a student is absent from her class, she will give them the work to make up if they notify her. However, it all depends on if the student is willing to make up the work.

“If the student is unwilling to do the work, then they will fall behind,” Ms. Goodwin said. “Students must take initiative in making up the work if they are absent.”

Mr. Peter Chicofsky advised that if students are absent for long periods of time, then their parents should contact the Department of Education and set up home instruction. However, if they do not meet that  criteria, then they should have to weekly contact parent about work to do at home.

“I think that through hard discipline and work, any student can become knowledgeable and accomplished,” Mr. Chicofsky stated.

Mr. Vincent Adams said that for students who are absent legitimately, he would offer them any work that they missed on Skedula. He also said that the student can also do the readings for his lessons or watch the Educreation videos on any of the topics that they missed. However, Mr. Adams said that it is difficult for students to catch up if they are absent for a long time.

Nothing beats the actual class experience,” Mr. Adams stated. “You are interacting with your peers and the teacher. You have a chance to explain concepts, and also have them explained to you. Being out of the classroom cannot duplicate this.”

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