Boys Track Strives For Greatness

By Cody Liang ’19 and Willis Wong ’19

After a decent showing at this year’s cross country season, the Midwood Boys Track Team is determined to improve their progress and reach the top of the city’s leaderboards.

“I feel like we’re doing really good in races right now,” Runner Daniil Frolov ’19 said. “Since our meetups are daily and all of us are friends, it’s easy for us to work together well.” Since the track team is a close group of friends, they communicate with each other easily. However, the team is looking to reach new heights and become a top competitor.

“Progress has been good lately,” Mr. Cohen said. “I wish the base would have been a little bit stronger for some, but we caught up and everyone’s at where they’re supposed to be.”
In agreement with his coach, Frolov believes that by tackling their potential drawbacks with changes to their schedule, the track team can advance to new tiers during competitive season.

“I feel like we can really perform better at competitions if we added more to our current workout schedule,” Demian Lofsnes-Scott ’19 said. “A good example would be changing up how long, or how fast, we should run during the cardio exercise.”

Lofsnes-Scott considers that the team would be positively challenged. Along with changing the training regime, runners believe that the tryouts should be changed too. Originally, in order to become a member of the track team, students that participated in the tryouts were tested on a time trial.

“Speed isn’t everything; especially in a long race,” Lofsnes-Scott said. “Endurance and other factors can affect running too, but that isn’t tested for newcomers.”

The time trial helped record the average distance that students ran, as well as their endurance when faced with certain physical obstacles.

With their sights set on higher standards, the team aims to finish in a better position than they did in their previous season.

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