Boys Swim Dives Into New Season

By Gary Giterman ’19

In the interest of full disclosure, Gary Giterman ’19 is a member of the boys varsity swim team.

A cacophony of shouts and horns is what Midwood swimmers hear at every swim meet.

After the 2016 season, 12 of the beloved swimmers left and started their journey as freshmen in college. The swim team has started their season with three fewer members than last year. With a total of 27 Hornets making up the team for this season, the swimmers are looking forward to an improved season with more stamina and strength.

Last year, the Midwood swim team made it to the playoffs with a record of six wins and four losses. Unfortunately, they lost to Goldstein, Brooklyn Tech, Fort Hamilton, and Madison. In the playoffs, Hornets suffered a loss against Bronx Science in the first round.

The team is starting off the season with a blast, winning both of their competitions. The first win was against Telecommunications High School, the score being 52 to 41. Their second game was against Lincoln where Hornets beat the home team, 49 to 39.

Brian Seetoe ’19, who has been on the swim team for three years, explained that practice takes place three days a week at Lincoln High School, and weight training meets twice
a week at Midwood. Seetoe believes that every practice is hard but at the end of the day, the extra work is worth it. He also credits the practices to the improved strength of the team. In addition, Seetoe and his fellow teammate, James Lee’18, believe that Mark Grobshteyn ’19 is the best swimmer. Lee, a second year return swimmer, believes that they have a fairly decent team. He hopes that they will make it to the playoffs with the help of their coach, Mr. Leonard M. De Virgilio.

Some players mentioned that with practice being more of a priority, there is a visible improvement in both the outcome of the tournaments, and in the way the team works to better itself.

“The team improved a lot since last year,” Grobshteyn explained. “We have a lot of new, fast swimmers and a lot of potential.”

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