Boys Football Finishes Season With Triumph

By Ajani Lashley ’20
In the interest of full disclosure, Ajani Lashley ’20 is a member
of the boys varsity football team.

Midwood Hornets football season was cut short in the semifinals on November 25. The Hornets left Sid Luckman Field very disappointed after a heartbreaking 34-6 loss.

“Its was a learning experience because it’s been many years since midwood football has been to the semi finals but we just came short,” Dontae Mcgriff ’19 said.

Being one game away from the championship at Yankee Stadium, while finishing with both a record of 8-1 and being one of the top four teams in the city, Midwood was having one of their best seasons in years.

Mr. Anthony Odita, the varsity football head coach, explained how he was proud of their ability to withstand the adversity they faced this season.

“The biggest testament to their strength as a team was how well they did with difficulties like not having a home football team.” The delays in the repairs of the field hit our hornets in a hard way; they didn’t have a nest and were sent all over the city just to be able to practice. Regardless, the varsity team displayed their collective potency as a team with their resilience and their unwillingness to give up.

“We made a lot of history and changed the culture of Midwood’s football program,” said T’ziah Owens ’19. “Coming up short from the chip hurts, but our team was young.”

The loss will be taken as a learning experience and will allow the team to make positive changes for the next season in order to achieve even greater accomplishments. Analysing and fixing mistakes that were made can ensure improvement and with a steady plan can be executed next year.

The game against Erasmus also proved to be more of a challenge than previous games; players credited irregularities for the loss. For example, Dramane Traore ’19 explained,
“The tempo of the game was faster than usual.” The increased tempo made it hard for the Hornets to execute plays that were normally performed expertly. The ball was
moved on Midwood’s defense and offense, with a number of series being easily stopped as if they were no competition for them.

“We will correct the mistakes and hopefully go further than we did this year,” Mcgriff ’19 stated. Even in their offseason the team is working hard by lifting weights, practicing techniques for their positions, and making sure they do not feel that sense of defeat again.

“We just need a little more leadership and focus,” Owens ’19 said, “because we are hungry, so we should go all the way.”

The team is working harder than ever ensuring everyone is striving for the same mutual goal of making it to Yankee Stadium for the championship. Reminding the players about these goals daily pushes them to become the best they can be.

“Teams are going to have to respect us, even if they don’t want to admit it, we are coming next season with the same mentality as we did this year,” Traore ’19 stated.

Having confidence in the team is one of the best ways to encourage the boys.

“I’m really proud of what was accomplished,” Mr. Odita said. “I look forward to seeing them reach their individual and team goals.”

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