Plaque Commemorates Mike Starr

By Xin Zhen ‘19

    Mike Starr, a former teacher at Midwood High School, passed away on December 8, 2016. A plaque has been put in front of room 480 in memory of him. Although he passed, many will continue to remember him and the knowledge he brought to Midwood.

    Mr. Starr was an “extraordinary person” said Ms. Margaret Desimone, an anatomy teacher and wife of Mr. Starr. He was a dentist, a pilot, and a teacher. He made extraordinary accomplishments as a teacher, teaching flight science at Sheepshead Bay High School and then transferred to Midwood introducing the class.

    “He was an excellent teacher, who cared about his students and he was always open to speaking to students if they had any problems,” said Mr. Romig Lamothe, a guidance counselor.

     Mr. Starr worked at Midwood starting in 2006 and retired six years later in 2012. Mr. Starr was diagnosed in 2009 with multiple myeloma, which is a type of cancer involving the buildup  of plasma cells. He passed away in 2016.

     In memory of him, a collaborative effort was made in order to make a plaque for him. The plaque was set up in front of room 480. The plaque contains a photo of Mr. Starr and a brief summary of him. The plaque has a black background with the information written in gold, which states, “Mike Starr taught as he lived, with humor, integrity, and dedication. He was loved by his students, respected by his colleagues and admired by all.”

    “I liked what he did for the school and what we did to commemorate him,” said Assistant Principal of Organization Mr. Alan Stack.

    Although a plaque has been placed in his memory, many will remember his in their hearts. Ms. DeSimone will remember him as more than just a teacher or a colleague.

    “I will miss everything…he was my best friend. The love of my life, my prince, and he supported me through everything,” said Ms. Desimone with tears in her eyes.

  After meeting Mr. Starr, Ms. Desimone decided to go to college for science. Mr. Starr supported Ms. Desimone’s college career for all four years.

   “When you’re a bio major you’re crazy, you don’t go out, you study. And he was there helping me study the whole way,” said Ms. Desimone.

    Mr. Lamothe said, “He was in the program office and whenever I would walk in he was always smiling.”

   Mr. Starr will be remembered for his personality, achievements, and contributions to Midwood.

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