Ms. Kornaker Becomes New AP of Science

By Mohamed Wzaky’19 and William Vamvouris’19

With the start of a new school year, Ms. Jenessa Kornaker is driven by commitment, responsibility, and determination as she takes on the new position of becoming the new assistant principal of the physical science department.

Being the new AP of the physical science department, her position involves overseeing the teaching staff, and ensuring that the school standards for curriculum and discipline are followed.

Ms. Kornaker said, “I’ve been teaching for ten years and I decided that I needed a change and through my working a museum and mentoring new teachers through the museum and helping them improve their practice. I realized that I really liked working with adults that way and, so I decided to go to school to become an administrator.”

Ms. Kornaker felt that change was necessary, regarding the fact that she’s been teaching for ten years. However, like anyone else she wanted to grow and by assuming a new position she could accomplish this. Therefore, indicating that her professional values have enhanced with colleagues, friends, family, and society.

Seeing that she went from a teacher to an administrator. The responsibilities in which she now possesses have changed as well as, the challenges she now faces as she withholds a new position.

“I would say just getting used to the change. That’s really all it is, its getting used to the different types of problem solving but its just getting used to the new role. Not knowing how to handle every problem right away and having to lean on the assistant principals and ask for advice to be able solve a problem. Where as a teacher, because I’ve been teaching for ten years, I can solve them, kind of all on my own or talk to colleagues if I want other advice but this is really a new position for me so I’m figuring it out as I go.” Said Ms. Kornaker.

Being the new AP of the physical science department, Ms. Kornaker ensures that she is working with teachers in the physical science department, to make certain that classroom practices are supporting the growth of students, she is also working on introducing more science electives to the department, also with the help of Ms. Lau and Mr. Stack there’s an ocean science elective now for upperclassmen who have taken AP chemistry which wasn’t always available, and to make incoming students feel more comfortable, she’ll be visible and present in the physical science classrooms.

Ms. Kornaker said, “I am going to learn the ropes as an assistant principal, I don’t think this is something new to me, so it’s going to take a while to get acclimated and know the answers or at least figure them out on my own. So, I think the next couple of years are just me getting used to learning the ins and outs of it. As a teacher I felt that I was able to do it with my eyes shut. It came to me naturally but right now, and right now it’s just a learning process, so I’m figuring it out as I go.

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