Lateness Prevention Policy in Effect

By Daisy Chen ’19 , Jeanelle Louie ’19 , and Nefretari Powell ’19

The lateness prevention policy is in full effect, and students have been voicing their opinions on whether this policy has made a difference.

Created by Assistant Principal of Security Richard Franzese, Principal Michael McDonnell and Assistant Principal of Guidance Fern Bren, the collaborators wanted to prevent and lower lateness while also notifying parents when their children are late.

“The lateness prevention policy is designed for students who are always late for school to encourage them to come on time for their own benefit,” said Mr. Franzese.

When students come in 15 to 20 minutes late to their first class of the day, whether it’s period 1, 2 or 3, they are targeted by the Lateness Prevention Program. They are taken through a three step process before they go to class. First, they are to report to room 151, then they sign a late book and lastly, the computer accounts for their lateness. If a student is late more than three times, the student’s guidance counselor is notified so that they can call their parents to let them know and try to get their children to arrive earlier.

Amanda McBain ’18 was the first person to experience the trial run of the program.

“When I first swiped my card, the noise threw me off guard. I was ordered to go to the dean’s office. The security guards and I were confused,” she stated.

McBain entered at 6:45 in the morning and was marked late for period zero which was programmed as preparing to graduate.

The new policy has caused many controversies. Usually, if students have lunch first, they don’t come to school because they take the chance to get more sleep. But because of this new policy, students have to come in no matter what or else they will be marked late.

“It’s ridiculous because if I had first period lunch, I wouldn’t want to come to school that early,” said Amy Li ’19.

Sunny Wu ’20 said, “I think it is unnecessary because I have lunch first period but I’m marked late everyday even though I came to school before second period.”

Many students don’t like the policy because they think it’s excessive to get marked late for lunch. The lateness prevention policy doesn’t affect many students because most do come on time.

“The lateness prevention policy doesn’t bother everyone since there are many people that come to school early or on time. However, for the people that do come in late, it could change or not change their attendance habits depending on how hard they try,” said Charmine Leu ’19.

There are some people who are late most of the time and whether they want to follow the policy or not is up to them.

“A few kids are coming in earlier to first period. There are certain kids that still don’t come in with this policy. However, I do think it helps set a good tone,” said Ms. Catherine Kaczmarek.

Like Ms. Kaczmarek, Mr. Nermin Cecunjanin likes the idea of the lateness prevention policy because it identifies students that are constantly being late. He started to give his first period students pop quizzes to reduce the number of students coming in late delaying his lessons.

Overall, the lateness prevention policy has had a positive effect on the school.

“We don’t have the exact numbers, but the number of late people has gone down. We do understand students go under certain circumstances that make them late, whether it be the bus or weather, but overall, people’s attendance did improve. Since it has been working out well, we’ll keep it the way it is, but maybe we’ll remove it in the future,” said Mr. Franzese.

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