Hornets Attend College Fair

By Ikra Islam ’19 & Julissa Richards ’20

Hornets filled the gyms hoping to discover new colleges at the annual college fair on October 25.

Over 100 colleges and four armed forces recruits attended the fair. The fair provided the approximately 600 students in attendance with an opportunity to explore various colleges including; CUNYs, SUNYs, private, and out-of-state colleges.

College representatives, totaling 107, from all over the country met with students to speak about admission requirements to their schools, such as standardized test scores, GPAs, and extracurricular activities. Students were given pamphlets with listed majors and contact information of the college.

“It’s a great way to bring the colleges and universities to the students,” said College Counselor Ms. Lorrie Director, who’s been involved with the fair for the last five years.

At the fair, students were able to directly ask specific questions to representatives.  Representatives made sure that interested candidates were able to get the answer they needed. Everyone interested was also asked to sign up for their monthly newsletters. The newsletters inform students with the latest updates on open houses, events and campus tours.  

“I didn’t realize how competitive college admissions were until I saw all the students lined up to meet the representatives,” said Jafrin Uddin ’19.

Mohima Oishe ’19 said, “I wish I would’ve known some of this information freshmen year, it would’ve really been helpful.”

The more you know about a school early on, the more time you have to tailor your profile to their standards.

College Counselor Ms. Stephanie Gluck said it’s important for students to have an idea early on about the colleges they’re interested in. It’s also important for students to understand what schools are looking for.

“Look into majors, clubs, standardized test scores and GPA and ask yourself, is this the right fit for me?” said Ms. Gluck.

Michelle Bailey, a representative from Stony Brook University, said they seek students who challenge themselves both inside and outside the classroom.

Tony Blackwell, a representative from Hunter College, said it’s important for students to know what particular subject the school excels at.

          “When I think of Baruch, I think of business. When I think of John Jay, I think of criminal justice. When I think of Hunter, I think sciences. So make sure your mission matches ours,” said Blackwell.

Henry Mei ’18 said, “For students who couldn’t make it to college open houses, this is a wonderful opportunity for them to speak with representatives from their prospective schools.”

Even though having about 600 students come to the fair was a good thing, that enormous number of people caused a lot of traffic and made the fair very crowded.

            “I had to wait a long time to meet college representatives,” said Xin Lin ’18, “However, once I got to meet them I learned a lot about their institution.”

Despite the chaos, many parents loved and appreciated the fair. They felt that it helped them, and their child learn

about different schools, both private and public.

Sarah Kapoor, who has a daughter in the eleventh grade, said that many of the questions she had were successfully answered. Some of those questions included “What is the campus like?”, “What kind of majors does your school have?”, and

Many necessary improvements were made to the fair this year and in previous years, such as moving the fair out of the basement and into the G-GYM and C-GYM, where it is brighter and there is more open space and separating popular schools, such as Stony Brook University and the John Jay College of Criminal Justice to decrease crowding.

To make this night possible, this past June College Counselor Ms. Jean Murdoch, went to an annual state conference that consisted of over 100 schools in the country. The counselors talked to as many schools as possible about the college fair to build publicity. Every year more and more schools come, including schools like the University of Southern California (USC) who come annually.

There’s a lot of things to consider when applying for colleges, but being attentive and attending events like this one helps make the college process an easier one.


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