And The New Graduation Gown Is…

By Zehaa Albraidi ’19

Cue Pomp and Circumstance, the Hornets have chosen a new graduation gown! The Hornets voted online for a new official gown color and design for future graduates of Midwood. Mr. Lawrence Kolotkin, Coordinator of Student Affairs, created the online voting system with the student government for all students to determine which gown design they find desirable and released it on October 20, 2017.

Unlike previous years, when males wore an all blue gown and females wore an all white gown, the system was created to help choose one gown for both genders. He wanted the new gowns to unite all of the future graduating classes.

“Having one gown for the boys and one gown for the girls is an archaic system that shows the differentiation of boys and girls, and now a days boys are the same as girls and girls are the same as boys so why make them different?” said Mr. Kolotkin.

Out of the 600 student votes, gown B got the most. Mr. Kolotkin wanted at least 3,000 votes before the final day which was November 10, 2017. He believes the voting turnout was low because many students assumed only seniors were allowed to vote. In his newsletter, he stated all students were allowed to vote.

Originally, gown B was designed to have a white stripe down the middle. However, Mr. Kolotkin changed the winning design by removing the white stripe because he didn’t like it. The material of the gown also changed this year. The gowns are now made up of recycled water bottle, giving it a smooth texture.

Midwood alum Amil Albraidi ’16 was given an all white gown, but hoped for an all black one, which is why she likes the fact that students were given the chance to vote.

“I think this new system is nice because students get to choose what they want, instead of having to wear what’s been given to them,” she said. “I’ll rather stick to the one they gave because these are hideous, it would be better if they have more options with different colors. I’m glad I graduated before having to chose from one of these.”

Alina Ali ’18 also agrees that the online voting gown is not a bad idea.

“I think it’s a good idea because we are going to be the ones wearing one, so it’s better for us to choose what looks best on us,” said Ali.

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