Science Department Welcomes New Teachers

By​ ​Haseeb​ ​Khan​ ​‘19, Annie Jiang ’19, Annie Wong ’19, and Eric Huang ’19

Among the several new teachers who have started teaching at Midwood High School for the 2017-2018 school year, there are four new science teachers: Ms. Kristina Coker, teaching earth science and physics lab; Ms. Talia Stieger, teaching living environment and robotics; Ms. Faith Crawford, teaching living environment and medical issues, and Mr. Laurence Yu, teaching living environment and forensics.

Ms. Coker has always wanted to be a teacher, ever since the second grade.

“I wanted to be an elementary school teacher at the time,” she said. “I didn’t like earth science when I took it in middle school, but I did like the topics that we talked about.”

Ms. Coker’s experience with her second grade teacher made her want to become a teacher.

“My second grade teacher was amazing. My handwriting was atrocious. She sat with me and and couldn’t read a word on this exam. She sat with me and had me interpret it for her. And like that shows to me a lot of caring and nurturing that I feel like teachers should have. She was a really great teacher and she inspired me to want to be a teacher,” Ms. Coker stated.

“I’ve really love teaching at Midwood; I think all the students are really great,” Ms. Coker said.

Though she hasn’t been here long, Ms. Coker is already fond of her students. She gives her students fun projects to do which helps them learn, interact with each other more, and gives them a sense of how group projects will be in the future.

Ms. Steiger loves being able to teach science because it is her favorite subject, and she is very passionate about it.

“The best part are the students, just interacting with them every day and talking with them,” Ms. Steiger said. She wants to be able to fit her individual students’ needs, but during her time teaching at Midwood, she found it difficult accommodating every student. Ms. Steiger said this is because of the sheer number of students that Midwood has which makes fitting individual students harder.

Ms. Crawford enjoys the challenge of teaching living environment and medical issues.

“The best part of teaching is connecting with so many young minds,” Ms. Crawford said. For her, interacting with her

students every day and seeing what they have to offer is the best part of teaching. She wants to see her students’ perspective on certain subjects and how they think.. Though she wants to interact with her students more, she finds it difficult to do so because of the big class sizes.

Mr. Yu is a graduate from Amherst College with a major in neuroscience. He came to teach in Midwood as his first full time job thanks to networking and recommendations from professors.

“Being able to have the support of my colleagues,” Mr. Yu said, would be the best part of teaching at Midwood. Teaching is a very stressful job from all the planning and preparations that they have to do to prepare for all their classes. So, being able to have the support of his colleagues made his teaching experience much easier.

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