Red Cross Club Continues Humanitarianism

By Maqadus Sakhi ‘19

Raising awareness of serious health concerns around the community is one of the many things that the Red Cross Club does.

Members of the club volunteer at walks and fundraisers that are meant to benefit the organization. Some of these events include the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, which was held at Coney Island on October 15 by The American Cancer Society. Beginning at 10:00 AM, the members walked about three to five miles to help raise awareness and funds to save lives from breast cancer. Another event was at The Holy Apostle Soup Kitchen, which was held on November 7, located at 296 Ninth Avenue, New York. The members were able to serve 704 people, and raise awareness about hunger and poverty.

The Red Cross club also donated books to Reading Reflections. Reading Reflections is an organization that delivers books to children who are less fortunate. Each member was able to donate up to three books, and the donations could be left anonymously or could have the contributor’s name.  

The club was founded in 2014 by Polina Solovieva ‘17. It meets every two weeks on Thursday periods 10 and 11 in room 419. The advisor is Ms. Natalia Puglisi and the club president is Saiyan Joseph ‘20.

Along with helping the community the Red Cross Club also helps its members.

“The Red Cross provides an opportunity to help the community and also make connections and friends,” said Hira Khan ‘19.

“The club is a good cause and a good way to find friends,” said Shirley Lei ‘19.  

Students are encouraged to join and participate in their numerous events. The current members emphasize that students drop by to ask questions and learn more about widespread awareness of serious health concerns. The club also has a Facebook and Instagram pages called “Midwood Red Cross Club” which are regularly updated for students to join and notify on upcoming events.


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