Ms. Gluck Appointed As New College Counselor


By Elysia Richards-Durham ’19 and Kyla Baptiste ‘19

Looks like we have a new college advisor in our community and that’s Ms. Stephanie Gluck. Ms. Gluck was offered the position last summer by Ms. Bren, she took the job to fill in for Ms. Koeppel who just had a baby. She mostly deals with seniors applying for college and in the spring with juniors ready to dabble in the college process.  

“It is a very surreal experience,” said Ms.Gluck. She transitioned from guidance counselor to college advisor. Gluck said everything feels brand new even though she has been in the building for over a decade. This position has changed her as a person and staff member.  “I didn’t realize the position needed to be filled. It came up last minute in the summer,” said Gluck.  Ms. Gluck said, ” It’s given me a new perspective on the inner workings of a college office.”

Not only does Ms. Gluck’s transition affect her, but it also takes a toll on her former students.

Amy Zheng ’19 stated, “I feel insecure. I don’t know my new guidance counselor. She never introduced herself. Ms. Gluck is kind; she is very explicit about our future courses and colleges. She gives me information about AP courses so I can know before hand. She makes it clear about what’s good for my schedule.”

Another student, Maryam Khan ’19 said, “Ms. Gluck knows way more about college and provides the best information possible. She was available whenever I needed her. She gave advice on classes, AP classes, college now and graduation requirements. Besides academic advice, she’s a very nice friend to be with. She gives life long advice. I feel incomplete without her. She’s really genuine and so sweet.”

Not only do her students miss her, but Ms. Gluck misses her students.

“It was a very hard transition to let go of my caseload because once a Gluck kid, always a Gluck kid,” said Ms. Gluck happily.

Ms. Gluck also misses being on the first floor where she got to see more colleagues and students on a regular basis, and she misses the attendance office.

“I have to use the stairs more. By the end of the year, I hope to have really good quads,” Ms. Gluck said jokingly.  

Gluck doesn’t have a defined office space like she did when she was guidance counselor. Despite the cons, there’s an upside too.

“I like learning. I like learning about new collages and procedures that I didn’t know about previously. Gotta keep the mind going or it’ll turn to jello,” Ms. Gluck said.

Ms.Gluck is open to new experiences and eager for more. She wants to keep her mind active.

Ms. Gluck said, “I enjoy working with Ms. Director, Ms. Murdoch, and Mr. Harper.”

Enjoying the presence of the people you’re surrounded by everyday is a big help. She also enjoys talking to the seniors about the college process and seeing their reactions.

Ms.Gluck says the main thing she disliked was keeping up with the paperwork whereas for college advisor, everything is online. When she was a guidance counselor, she liked that the relationship she built from freshman year and she was able to interact with all grades. She also likes that she can help with-wide ranged questions and concerns.

“In both worlds, if I can’t help a student with a problem, it makes me sad, ” said Gluck.

Gluck stated, “My day is still filled with seeing students which makes me super happy. The topics may be different but I’m still doing counseling. “

“My day is much more structured in the college office. I have set appointments and I’m going to more meetings. I like meeting new people outside of school. Overall the job is different. I’m dealing with the entire college process whereas a guidance counselor, I’m giving more of an overview and keeping it general,”said Gluck. “The Gluck Duck is the one change I brought into this fine establishment,” Ms. Gluck said jokingly showing what looks like a shadow of a duck on a white background. “I really enjoy this experience because it’s new and fun,” said Gluck. “Even though I’m the college counselor, I still want to hear about all the things that are going on with students lives and I’m here for all students that need me.”


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