Marching Band Hits For A Comeback

By​ ​Annie Wu ‘19, Noah​ ​Tan​ ​’19,​ ​Vasyl​ ​Ilnytskyy​ ​’19

Marching band may return to Midwood along with gym credits. Ms. Laurel Stinson, the new music teacher, suggested the idea because physical strength and endurance is important for a marching band.

Marching band is a form of entertainment where a group of musicians come together and march. It can be considered as a sport when competing for the best performance.

Ms. Stinson said, “Marching band is physical. It requires a certain amount of time and a certain amount of steps. Just like a physical education class.” The demands for physical strength and endurance are high.

“In an effort to get more students involved in music, we are trying to offer marching band for gym credit,” Ms. Stinson said.

Ms Stinson also mentioned they would like a class of about 100-150 students. The marching band would allow students from all tracks to join with the only requirement being that the students would need to take a semester of music appreciation for concert band. The class itself would also act as a class for students who don’t have too much experience to join and enjoy.

Many students say that this is a good chance for a more diverse option list for P.E.

“Instead of common sports like volleyball, marching band is more unique,” Abby Suen ‘19 said.

Megan Stern ‘20, a member of the All-City Marching Band of New York, said, “It should be gym credit. You’re basically marching for a mile if not more while carrying things that can be heavy.” Carrying and playing an instrument while marching is not an easy task to achieve.

Many other students, however, say that marching band does not satisfy all the criteria to become a gym class.

Bonnie Chen ‘19 said, “I don’t think it [marching band] should be part of P.E. because it makes more sense to be part of a musical choice.”

When practicing and performing for marching band, the person is exercising the same muscles and organs. Physical Education is for students to exercise a different body part each say or each week.

The teachers in the music department and administrators are slowly taking steps to making this idea happen. Ms. Stinson said, “This is not necessarily something that we can make happen immediately because so many steps need to be taken, but more securely for (say) next school year.”

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