Comic Club Sparks Interest Among Anime Fans

By Lin Lin Ni ’19

Calling all otakus! The newly established Manga/Comic Club gathered new members, consisting of a variety of freshmen, sophomore, juniors, and seniors. President Agnes Chen ‘19 introduces multiple events members can join. Every member should interact with each other and just have fun.

The term otaku is a Japanese term for people who are obsessed by the anime and/or manga fandom. It is a term that individuals use to describe people who have special interests in specific subjects.

Most juniors and sophomores head to the club to relieve stress and participate activities as best as they can.

Angie Lin ‘19 said, “I like how we get to create our own characters and write our own fanfics.”

Vice President Fiona Tong ‘19 said, “I helped create the club because I wanted people to know there is more to otakus than just anime.”

The goal of president and vice president, of the Manga/Comic Club, is for the members to expand their horizons and share suggestions of new comics, mangas and webtoons.

Ruby Tchou ‘19 said, “It is a good club since it’s just a smaller anime club. And I can connect with my friends in the room. I don’t usually talk with anyone else.”

Rachel Kong ‘21 discussed how she prefers the Manga/Comic Club to the Anime Club.

“I prefer this club over the Anime Club because there’s less people and manages things better than the other club. I’m always looking forward to coming to the club,” she said.

Chen and Tong researched a variety of events to share with their club. Some examples include the Comic Con, Anime Con, Japan Day, Japan Festival, and Halloween Cosplay.

“Club activities are geared towards the preference of the club members because it is our wish for the members to enjoy the club as much as possible,” said Tong ‘19. “We offer a variety of activities, which include, but are not limited to: drawing fanfiction, creating new characters, writing spinoffs from a story recently read, and playing games related to the club.”

In addition to Chen ‘19 and Tong ‘19, the club has two club advisors, Mr. Mark Dickinson and Ms. Caitlin Schein, who have contributed many great ideas regarding to club activity.

“New members are welcomed at any time of the year. We look forward to meeting you,” said Vice President Tong ‘19. The club meets every Wednesdays, period 10 and 11, in room A316.

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