Board Game Club Creates Fun Atmosphere

By Karriem Lomas ‘19

Board Game is a new club that was created by juniors Minyin Liang ’19  and Abbie Suen ‘19 in order to assist students in relaxing.

This new club meets in room 154 every Tuesday during periods 9, 10 and 11. During this club, students have an opportunity to play a variety of board games while earning credits. These games include, but are not limited to, Connect Four, Chess, Monopoly, and UNO.

“The purpose of the club is for students to be able to meet new friends while playing board games. Since most games involve more than two players, students will be able to talk and have fun with each other,” said Minyin Liang ‘19.

In addition to helping students to relax, this club was created in order to allow incoming freshmen to make new friends as well as other students in general. As the vice president, Liang wanted to create a club that both she, the president, and other students would be able to enjoy.

“I felt proud and successful when I began the club. This is because many people actually joined my club and they were having fun in my club,” said Liang.

Though this club has just begun, it has gained popularity quite rapidly according to the vice president. Also, despite this club’s growing success, the vice president still has high expectations for this club for the upcoming months that it will be running.

“I think my club is doing great so far. My expectations of this club are having fun and gaining more club members,” said Liang.

The games that are played in this club are provided by the club room and must all be returned at the end of the day when board game club ends. Students are allowed to leave club at any time that they please after they have played a board game, of course. To make sure that the members are behaving and obeying rules, the vice president and president both look over the club members as they enjoy playing their board games and socializing with club members.

“I choose to supervise this club because there weren’t anyone looking over the club which is why both the president

and I decided to supervise. Also we both wanted to start a club and we believed the board game club will be the best for us,” said Liang.

Not only are both the president and vice president able to relax in the comfort of their own club, but they are also able to look after their club as they enjoy socializing with the club members.

Lastly, board game club has a variety of rules that the members should respect. These rules include, paying attention to what the vice president and president both say in order to know how the club will function that day, respecting each other and the school’s board games, being occupied by either homework or a board game at all times, and most importantly, having fun! Students are to be silent and pay attention while the club leaders are speaking. During the club, members are allowed to either play board games or do their homework until the period ends. The volume level must be moderated and and members must respect each other as well as the school’s board games. However, students are most importantly supposed to have fun!

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