Bio-Med Society Helps Students Pursue Medicine

By Hira Khan ’19

The Biomedical society, a club dedicated to help students understand whether the medical field is right for them. Ms. Mardee Goodwin the advisor of Bio-med society had her own unique story.

Ms. Goodwin wasn’t always interested in becoming a high school teacher. When she was in high school she had an interest in becoming a surgeon. So when asked by student Nicky Cham back in 2015 to become an advisor for the Biomed club, Goodwin couldn’t resist helping students further their education so that one day they can  pursue a career in biomedical field.  

She does not want students to go through what she had gone through in college. Goodwin’s interest in the med field took a turning point when she was asked to cut into a cadaver in one of her biology classes in college. To her disappointment, it was then that she knew she was no longer interested in becoming a surgeon.

“But if I had known if I had some sort of club like this when I was in high school, I wouldn’t have had that problem. I wouldn’t have to go to college and sign up for these classes and end up changing my major,” said Goodwin. Which is why she feels so strongly about helping students learn more about the medical field and the requirements. Fortunately for students in Midwood High School, the Biomed club is the perfect club to join for those who have any remote interest in pursuing a career in the medical field.

Shanshan Chen Yan’19 now a junior, once was uncertain of what she wanted to pursue, business or medical.

“I joined Bio-med when I was confused and It helped me see that the medical was not the path for me,” said Yan ‘19. Although in the end, she chose business, Yan is still a dedicated member of Bio-med today and grateful for the help from the club.

Biomed is a club run completely by students who understand the struggles of choosing a career. Meetings are monthly as they are pretty detailed and require a lot of preparation. Through lectures and other activities, students can broaden their understandings of medical school. This club further discusses an overview of what it takes for you to get into medical school and for you to have a career in medicine.

“We’ve discussed how you can get summer internships and volunteer opportunities, and how long you’re going to need to be in school depending on the career you’re choosing,” said Goodwin.

There are no requirements except that students have to have a G.O. card so that they can get their points for participating in club and of course going to the meetings!

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