Peace Builder Club Welcomes Jewish and Muslim Members

By Michelle Kapusta ‘19

One of the newest clubs this school year, the Peace Builder Club, allows for Jewish and Muslim students to unite and break the
common stereotypes about conflict between the two religions. The club was recently established by Olga Lisker ‘19, a Jewish student. The
club meets bi-weekly on Thursdays during period 9 in room 2N, located in the north wing.

Lisker came up with the idea of creating this club after hearing about the ongoing conflict between Jews and Muslims that is occurring in the Middle East and brought her idea to the coordinator of student activities, Mr. Lawrence Kolotkin, and the assistant principal of guidance, who is also her guidance counselor, Ms. Fern Bren, to help establish her club.

“It is my understanding that Olga established this club to create a forum for Jewish and Muslim students to share ideas and stories and create a better understanding about the two cultures”, said Ms. Bren, the club advisor.

Through this club, students are able to learn more about their own culture and learn about a different culture’s customs and beliefs. For instance, Muslim students learn about the purpose of Hanukkah, a Jewish holiday known as “the festival of lights”, while Jewish students learn about the traditions during Eid al-Adha, a Muslim holiday known as “Sacrifice Feast”.

“The students who are a part of this club partake in activities which include, “Muslim-Jewish mock weddings, Hanukkah doughnut making, Arabic/Hebrew name canvases, and hearing from Muslim and Jewish sermen”, said Lisker.

Another reason students should join this club, besides learning about cultures and the opportunity to gain service credits, is to make new friends. The club’s vice-president, Nourhan Mohamed ‘19, said that this club is a great opportunity for new people to meet and relate to one another.

“It is one of the most unique clubs and it is the first one of its own that I know existed in this school”, said Ms. Bren.

The Peace Builder Club is a very unique club and is different from other clubs this school year because no other club brings students together through discussions and activities about their different cultures and cultural views. 

The current students attending the club meetings such as, Mark Grobshteyn ‘19, said “I enjoy the club and this club is more fun than
other clubs I was previously a part of because the activities are hands-on, rather than just discussions.”

The Peace Builder Club is open to any student that wants to join. Many students and advisors believe that this club is a great opportunity to allow diversity to bring students together and overcome any stereotypes that might occur. Currently, the Peace Builder Club consists of only juniors however, all students that would like to join are welcomed to attend the club meetings and be a part of the club.

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