Ms. Ferrarin Reflects on Physical Education Career

By Alena Cradle-Morgan’19 

Ms. Jenny Ferrarin wears many hats, as she is the coach of the Girls Junior Varsity Basketball Team, the coach of the Girls Softball Team and teaches weight training classes.

Ms. Ferrarin has been head coach of the softball team for 10 years and was the assistant coach for two years before that. She enjoys coaching her teams and does not plan on retiring from the job anytime soon.

Throughout her 12 years of coaching the softball team Ms. Ferrarin said “I have learned patience. It’s hard when you are an athlete and someone that has played competitively since the age of 5 to switch roles.” It is hard for her to  stand on the sidelines and watch when she would like to help her players on the court or field.

Ms. Ferrarin admits that going into physical education was a career change for her. “When I left the professional baseball world I started coaching here and fell in love with it.” said Ms. Ferrarin. Teaching weight training while coaching two team was a challenge but now it has become second nature to her.

“Athletes need to learn to work as a unit, a family and a support system for one another.” said Ms. Ferrarin. As a coach , one of the things she focuses on for her team is building team spirit.  She believes team spirit is created by the team, their morale and support for each other.

Michelle Kotch ‘18 is playing for the Girls Softball Team for the last time, as she will be graduating in June.  She believes Ms. Ferrarin is extremely helpful as a coach and always encouraged the girls to do their best.

“Ms. Ferrarin always put the team above herself and is very open about herself as well.  Ms. Ferrarin is always open to giving advice.” said Michelle. The senior appreciated how close the team is; one of her best memories of the team is the celebration they had for the seniors on the team last year.

Every year, most likely the last home game of the regular season for the Girls Softball Team,  the team has “Senior Day”. On “Senior Day” the team celebrate all the seniors throughout the game and afterward the team  has a little picnic.

If and when she decided to retire from her job as the head coach of the softball team she said “I hope the girls walk away as stronger and independent young ladies.”

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