English Dept. Welcomes New Teachers

By Carlos Gomez ’19

The English Department welcomed three new English teachers for the 2017-2018 school year. Mr. Jimmy Liang, Ms. Kristina Owens, and Mr. Terrance Judson. 

Mr. Liang felt as if it was a change for the better. The eagerness of students here to learn and get good grades is the difference between students from his previous school

“Midwood has a great reputation,” said Mr. Judson. “It is a high functioning school.” 

The best part of teaching for them so far was the transition to seeing new and motivated students.

“I love all my freshmen. They work really hard,” said Ms. Owens. 

Mr. Liang said, “It is good to see new names, new faces, a new workplace.” 

“New names, new faces, new workplace, and a new start,” Mr. Liang says.

Although it’s the start of the school year, Mr. Liang and Ms. Owens have still dealt with challenges at Midwood so far. The capacity of the school makes it a bit of an issue for Ms. Owens to focus on building an individual relationship with the students. The most difficult thing so far for Mr.Liang, is also the capacity of the school and transitioning to one class to the other.

Compared to their last school, Mr. Liang felt as if it was a change for the better, “bright students, academic is not stressful. Everything is routine.” The eagerness of students at Midwood to learn and get good grades is the difference between students at Edward R. Murrow.


“Midwood is like a sea of humanity,” said Mr. Judson. “It is an upgrade from my previous school, which only had about 200 students.” 

A common goal amongst these English teachers is to encourage students to feel passionate about reading and writing. They feel that the school’s diverse environment inspires learning.  

“I enjoy the multiculturally mass of the school,” said Mr. Judson. “I look forward to challenge students in new ways.” 

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