Step Team Dances Their Way to Recognition

By Talaia Regist ’19

Precision, attitude, and loudness these are three main key qualities one must possess in order to be part of the Step team. Step is a type of dance in which the entirety of one’s body is used as an instrument that creates and produces complex sounds and rhythms through every stomp, clap, and spoken word.

It has opened many doors to students who have trouble expressing themselves. Step has allowed many to break out of their shell. The Step team is a team with 26 girls. They compete frequently throughout the year against other high schools. Many competitions are held at Tilden high school. The Step team also performs at Midwood High School’s annual Kwanzaa fest. Currently, new ideas for costumes and steps for a routine are being thought of for this upcoming event. Each practice will become more hardcore as the weeks progress so that the routine is performed to the best of its ability on the day of the show.

“I really love to dance, but when I heard that Midwood did not have a dance team, the next best thing was Step. I am very thrilled I gave Step a chance because although I have not been on the team for very long, I enjoy it very much. Midwood Step team is great because I love to compete and perform, and we do exactly just that,” said Elysia Richards-Durham ’19

Teamwork is a vital factor when it comes to stepping because everyone must sound together as one. Monday or Wednesday is the day to learn and perfect steps. It is an environment where many feel that they are able to be themselves without being judged or ridiculed.

“Majority of the team are like family to me. They give me constructive criticism. They motivate me to do the best that I can. I really love how we can be playful with each other, but when we have a performance or competition we know we must be serious to be the best. If some of my teammates have difficulties with a certain part of the step, I will try to break it down or go over it multiple times so they can be on track,” said Richards- Durham.

It provides a great opportunity to students.

Another member of the step team, Skyla Lowe ’19 stated, “I joined the team because I had friends on it, and when I watched them perform for homecoming and Kwanzaa fest the previous years I automatically wanted to be a part of that and wanted to experience that feeling of performing in front of family and friends.”

Words spoken from Jemelia Moore ’18 the senior captain of the team.

She stated, “Step is very enjoyable, I enjoy stepping a lot and I enjoy the fact that I am a captain. Stepping brings so much joy to me when incorporating different beats and movements putting them together. Although it can be stressful at times when it comes to certain aspects, at the end of the day, I still love and appreciate my team”   

Step Team’s purpose is not to only entertain the audience, but to also convey messages that take place in society today. These messages are expressed through the outfits worn and the skits that are delivered throughout the duration of the performance. A routine once performed at competition sent the message that women cannot be subdued by any means as long as they have the right mindset and are rich in the mind.

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