Girls Soccer Finishes With Resilience

Reem Hamaida ’19

In the full interest of disclosure, Reem Hamaida ’19 is a member of the girls soccer team. 

The girls soccer team had a strong season with nine wins, but ended up coming short in their first playoff game against Stuyvesant High at Dewey high school’s field on October 28, 2017.

“Losing anytime is tough, however the girls played one heck of a game,” said Coach Kendra Lane.

At the start of the season the lady Hornets had communication issues; the girls had incomplete passes and the field was silent.  As the season continued the players got to know each other better, resulting in a strong team.

“The team chemistry has gotten a lot better since the beginning of the season, we  communicate with each other better on and off the field,” said  Yelyzaveta Syrotenko ’20.

“We went into the game with the winning mindset, we wanted it badly, but so did they” said Cayla Bernstein ’18.

The girls had a strong start the first 20 minutes. The first goal was scored by Lara Schuman, a senior. However the game took a turn for the worst when everyone least expected it. Soon after, the Stuyvesant Lady Pete’s scored with a corner kick.

The game intensified, both teams showed signs of fatigue, yet continued to play their game. The second goal was later scored by the Lady Petes on a free kick.

“No matter what the score was, we never lost hope. We played our game till’ the end,” said Melissa Hernandez ’21.

The half ended with 2-1 in favor of the pegleg Pete’s and stayed the same for the second half leading to the triumph of Stuyvesant high school.

“The game was very emotional, most girls left the field crying. We played our heart out and that’s all that matters. We had a great run this season,” said Danille Rose ’19.

This season the Hornets were without a home field. This cost them the opportunity of having home court advantage in this first playoff game.

“Having a field next year will be beneficial,” said Coach Lane.

The girls season ended early, however, they seem determined to come back strong next season on their home field.

“Losing does not define us, as long as we have each other to work harder and make a comeback,” Elodie Dorvile ’18.


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