Clean Up Committee Helps Preserve Environment

By Cody Liang ‘19 and Brandon Kong ‘19

Clean-Up Committee offers an opportunity to reassert the importance of a common responsibility for our environment. Established in early October of 2017, the committee aims to sweep and recycle as much waste as possible.                                                                 

“Sure, there’s always credits involved in our motivation in starting the club, but in the end, it was really about bringing people together for a common cause,” Nursat Jahan ’19 said.                                                                                                                                                

Joseph Garcia ‘20 agrees, joining the committee as a first step towards becoming a conservation biologist, an occupation he hopes to pursue in the future.                                                                                                                                                                   As creators of the club, Jahan and vice president Cong Wing Li ‘19  have strenuously worked on defining every member’s role within the club. Li emphasizes preserving the environment in any method possible-even with the simplest of deeds-“I want to help the environment. Starting this club is a small step towards making earth for the better because earth is our home. We’ve always been taught about global warming and pollution, but there isn’t a lot of action being taken to slow down these man-made disasters,” Li said.                                                              

Since its inception, the club has been collecting and organizing piles of waste they find around Brooklyn. By mopping and sweeping every corner of the shores and parks meticulously, the recycling center is a welcoming sight as the group’s garbage bags eventually pile up with waste.

In operation for almost a month, the strides the committee have made in developing the club has been crucial in expanding their vision of its goal: “At first, we generally worked around Midwood, but eventually we started to clean up at locations such as Kaiser Park and the Coney Island coastline,” said Jahan. With one of the club’s frontiers including coastlines, it’s important to understand the consequences of its pollution. As people continue to drop plastic and other forms of waste, the ocean becomes filled with garbage as high tides drag them back during recession on coastlines. Marine organisms will encounter the plastics and consume them. The plastic slowly kills the organism as more of it begins to accumulate inside the body.

“Marine animals play an important role in maintaining the ecosystems in our oceans,”  Garcia said. “These ecosystems contribute to the healthy structure of our coastlines by acting as a barrier that reduces the damage done by hurricanes.”

The group’s pursuits in participating in the Clean-Up Committee is ultimately bound by their similar sentiments in preserving the environment in whatever way possible. The group seeks to expand its horizons by collaborating with Midwood Key Club as a medium of spreading the message of responsibility for the world we live in. For those who are disbelieving of this message, Jahan urges to “consider the impact that it will have on you and the environment.”


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