Girls Volleyball Hopes to Repeat Championship

By Jason Chen ‘19

Our girls volleyball team went head to head with the undefeated Fort Hamilton high school in our home court. On October 27, the girls volleyball prepared to play their last home game. This game meant a lot to the girls, being their last home game of the season. The goal was to defend the Hornets.

This game was a particular meaningful one for Senior Captain Ezri Shor, it’s her last home game.

“I don’t feel pressured because I was captain last year, and I feel I know what is the best for the team to succeed,” said Shor ‘18.

The team has been through a lot this season with a new coach, new players, and the pressure of defending the City Championship title from last year.

“There was definitely some pressure knowing how high the standards had been set from last year but on the other hand, defending the title makes me push harder as a player,’’  said Anisa Kaloshi ‘20

The pressure that these players go through is truly remarkable. Most people can’t do what they do.

“I think it’s important to physically and mentally prepare yourself for every game and fight for every single ball,’’ said Lia Harutyunyan ’20.

During the first set, Midwood struggled, but in the second set they managed to comeback from a five point deficit. However, the third set was rough for the girls. Even though the team lost, it wasn’t a loss since they fought hard for the ball.

“I was really happy after the Fort game because everyone put a lot of effort into every set and we fought til the last point,” said Cassidy Huertas ‘19

After the game, the girls weren’t down, but felt hopeful knowing that they can go toe to toe with Fort Hamilton gives them high hopes for playoffs.

“Honestly, we’ve been having some low points this season but we’ve been working hard this season so I think we’re ready for playoffs,” said Co-captain Emily Artunian ‘18.

With a new coach, Mr. Tommy Ma, the girls have a young coach to guide them to victory. Mr. Ma thinks the girls have a strong chance at playoffs.

“Playoffs this year will be a tough game since we’re playing with our playoff rival, Cardozo. With their strong hitters, defense and chemistry, it will be a difficult game. However, we still stand a chance, but it all depends on the girls, their ability to work together, and how much they’re willing to fight for the win,” said Mr. Ma

The girls think highly of Mr. Ma because he has so much experience in the sport. The respect the girls have for him is impeccable.

“He’s an amazing coach and he will lead us to greatness,” said Rebecca Grigoryev ‘20.

As the team approaches playoffs, we have nothing, but best of wishes for the Hornets. We hope that the girls can ace their way to the championship again!

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