Girls Track Dashes Through Country

By Naomi Lee ‘19 and Christina Wu ‘19

The Girl’s Track team ran through a successful Cross Country season with Junior Varsity placing third and Varsity placing fourth at Brooklyn Champs.

The girls prepared over a span of a few months for Brooklyn Champs. From practice to weekly meets at Prospect Park, the girls have put in a great deal of effort. Not only must they be physically fit, they must also be mentally fit to be inspired, motivated, and to keep on going despite the difficulties.

“It’s not just running. It’s more than running. You have to have the mentality to keep going no matter how hard the race gets. You also have a whole team depending on you. You have to push yourself,” Rosie Duplessy ‘18 said.

On the day of Brooklyn Champs, October 28, the girls were both thrilled to do what they love and utterly nervous. Despite their anxiety, the girls shared the same goal: to finish the season strong and make it to City Champs. The girls went through tough training consisting of hill work, endurance and distance.

Even though cross country is comprised of long distance races, the girls are still obligated to practice sprinting, which allows them to get over the dreaded hills in the race. Practice ensures that the girls are able to improve their times, allowing for Midwood to take home the win.

“I trained by increasing my mileage and working on my strength and endurance, to ensure that we would make it to cities,” Imma Ruiz ‘19 stated.

Olivia Foote ‘19 said, “I felt nervous and nauseous because we were so close to qualifying for cities, yet we weren’t there yet.”

The training was difficult and time consuming, but “you must keep going. It’s very easy to give up, but hard work always pays off in the end,” Duplessy ‘18 stated confidently.

In the end, the results of Brooklyn Champs at Van Cortlandt Park revealed the hard work and dedication the girls put in to ensure victory. Imma Ruiz ‘19 ran a 23:14.86 seconds, her second personal best of the season, putting her in 12th place in the Varsity race. Alina Bennett-Dubin ‘20 ran 24 mins 29.61 seconds, coming in as the second  to finish from the Varsity team. The Varsity team came in fourth allowing them to qualify for City Champs on November 11.

Indoor Track season is coming up in the beginning of November. With the quick transition from Cross Country to Indoor Track, the girls have to a plenty of tough training once again.

“Since I am a distance runner, I would have to mentally prepare myself for challenges for long distance races,” Olivia Foote ‘19 said.

The girls are working hard once again to do the best they can in the upcoming season. No sports team is easy. It requires commitment, dedication, and motivation to keep going.

“You should only join the team if you have the time commitment and will not give up easily,” Natalie Peralta ‘20 suggested.

As Mr. Walter Cohen, the coach, told the girls, “When the tough gets going, the going gets tough.”

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