Girls Swim Team Speeds Past Challenges

By Brian Seetoe ’19 and Sherry Chen ‘19

The Lady Hornet’s Swim Team were swarmed with many challenges this year, not only with opponents, but with the challenge of finding a pool to swim in. Additional challenges were finding funds needed to buy the team’s gear, organizing the team, and beating personal records.

Coached by Ms. Goldfarb, the girls had a good swim season this year, winning many meets and making it to A and B Champs. The team is placed in one of the hardest divisions in Brooklyn, facing against many opponents like Millennium High School, Brooklyn Tech, and James Madison.

“The team first faced the challenge of finding a pool to have practices in,” said Lillian Chen ‘17, captain of the girls’ swim team.

Over this season the girls have won eight of ten meets, doing  well for a team that hasn’t had many practices this season because they lacked a pool. Without a pool at our school and James Madison (whose pool was shut down for renovations), finding places to practice was much harder. Currently the girls practice at Abraham Lincoln High School and travel from school to school like Brooklyn Tech, Tilden High School, and Stuyvesant High School to hold their meets. This year, the team’s goals were to make it to playoffs and to improve as swimmers to challenge their personal records.

“Sometimes it can be difficult to find time to swim, but it’s worth it to see my teammates improve and our personal records to decrease,” said Rachael Yu ‘19.

It is hard balancing school work, family and the team, but despite the challenge, Yu and the other girls still manage to keep up with the ever growing demands of swimming. They support each other constantly, shouting at each other to go faster and pushing each other to their limits.

Teamwork is one of the most important elements of the team. It’s what keeps the team together and how the team copes together to get through the challenges.

“Without working together, there would be no success. Each girl always cheers for the others and they push each other to do their best. During relays, teamwork is especially important since even a single second delay can result in defeat,” said Ms. Goldfarb.

At the meets, the girls scream till they lose their voice and rely on each other to make the team thrive as a whole. Each year the team comes back stronger, constantly gaining new people who would help support the team.

The girls improved their times by attending each practice, but many go the extra step to further improve their performance.

“Some practices, we usually try to fit in drills to help us improve technique or we swim sets and have choice sets where we get to swim our own strokes.” said Julie Huang ‘19.

On their own time, the girls try to find time to practice at separate swim clubs and pools to prepare for upcoming meets. Last year, the team lost against Madison 40-54, but this year the girls came back hard winning against Madison 60-34.

I’m proud of many of the girls reaching personal bests and breaking personal records. Reaching the playoffs for the fifth season in a row is a great accomplishment!” said Ms. Goldfarb.

The girls have continuously improved since then although they lost to Townsend Harrison this year in the playoffs. This defeat is a learning experience and adds to the list of challenges that the girls swim team faces as they pursue being the best in the city.

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