Boys Soccer Bids Farewell to Members

By Albert Sadiku ‘19

Boys varsity soccer team says goodbye to two of  its star players, Peter Baccash ‘18 and Aesam Sharafaldin ‘18.

Baccash and Sharafaldin played their last game against Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School, at John Dewey on October 21. Both players scored goals and inspired Midwood to comeback and win 4-3.

Their departure, however, has left players contemplating how their journeys started.

For Baccash, it all began at Marine Park at seven in the morning for tryouts.

“It was intimidating because I was a freshman, and everyone else that was there was older,” said Baccash. “However, after making the team, I was able to adjust to the environment and grow as a person and a player.”

Four years and many games later, Baccash and his teammates created many memories, but one memory stands out the most for Baccash.

“The one moment that I will always remember was when we won our first-round playoff game.  We accomplished something that no other Midwood soccer team was able to achieve in five years,” said Baccash.

Sharafaldin on the other hand, only had two months of experience prior to joining the team, compared to the many years of experience his teammates came with.

“My first experience with the team was a nerve-racking one,” said Sharafaldin. “I saw myself as an underdog, with just my drive to prove my worth.”

“I remember being put in the starting eleven[players] for the first game against Brooklyn International, and because of my mentality, I was able to start my high school soccer career with an exceptional performance,” Sharafaldin added on.

Two years of being with the team, gave Sharafaldin the opportunity to experience great moments, however, there is one in particular that he will carry with him. Before joining the team, Sharafaldin had a reputation as a fast runner, and he used his pace to his advantage as an attacker on the wing.

“I remember getting my positioning ready for my teammate to send me a long ball so I can sprint for my first attempt at goal,” Sharafaldin recalled, “I outpaced all the defenders and scored my first goal to give us the lead, and it was at that moment that I realized that I was meant to be an attacker.”

At the end of the day, all good things must come to an end, and that is certainly the case with Peter Baccash and Aesam Sharafaldin. They came, they conquered, and now it is time to say goodbye. It is safe to say that Baccash and Sharafaldin enjoyed playing the sport they loved alongside their brothers.


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