Hornets Buzz Around Club Fair

By Ainon Hia Kazol ‘18 and Salenna Weiner ‘18

In full disclousure, Ainon Hia Kazol ‘18 and Salenna Weiner ‘18 participated in Club Fair

With another successful year for the student government and Mr. Lawrence Kolotkin, the annual club fair was held on Wednesday, September 27 in the cafeteria period 11. The club fair is a gathering for all the school clubs to promote themselves and recruit anyone who is interested in joining. The president and vice-president of the clubs were responsible for renewing their club filling out a document with all their new information and making a tri-board presenting information on their clubs.

Former sophomore vice president, now mayor Joyce Chen ‘18 is the brilliant mind behind all this. Chen’s idea first came to life at the beginning of the spring semester of 2017. A little bit of planning later and the idea was executed into the first ever Midwood club fair. The word of the fair spread slowly, yet numerous clubs signed up to be a part of it; when the day came, a large number of students showed up. It resulted in a success so it was done again in the fall semester of the new school year. This time, the student government had experience with the fair, having worked on it before, and planned ahead to make it earlier in the year. It was mandatory for all the clubs to participate.

When the day came, the cafeteria became packed with vibrant posters as presidents were setting up their stands. Then as the last bell to period 10 rang, students began to pack into the cafeteria. Soon, students flooded the lunchroom, mainly freshmen, went from table to table.

“The club fair was very loud, I had to shout over a lot of people,” said vice president of pride club Jesse Bickerton ‘19. “But it was fun and we got a lot of new members,”.

“The club fair was pretty cool,” said Eylul Karadeniz ‘21. “I wasn’t planning on joining any club except drama club and maybe a team, but there were so many to join so I ended up joining pride club, 4H, AMA, and the lacrosse team.”

From Anime Club to Midwood Glee to the Girls Lacrosse team, countless clubs, groups, and teams took part in the fair. Some clubs were very popular, like key club, and had a large group of people circled around their stand, eager to sign up. Cheerleading squad and step team delivered amusing performances, introducing to students to what they usually do and hoping they get interested enough to join.

“Without the club fair, it would’ve been almost impossible to catch the interest of many girls for the lacrosse team. I remember people would find out about our team through other students, and they would end up joining in the middle of the fall semester,” said Joyce Chu ‘18.

The AMA Club, for instance, received 38 students, ranging from freshmen to seniors who signed up to join their club. This was common among those who went to the fair to promote their group.

Many clubs say that they had a successful outcome at the fair, with tons of open-minded underclassmen interested to join and earn credits.

“When I went to the club fair and there was definitely a variety. But, learning about the different clubs was kind of isolating. Club presidents would usually pick out people to talk to that ‘looked’ like they would be interested, which in my case was discouraging. However, most clubs were very intriguing and it was nice finding out about clubs that I could try for the first time. Looking forward to be a part of them throughout the year,” said Maram Alamri ‘20

           Although the purpose of the fair was to inform students on what kinds of clubs we have at our school, it was a perfect opportunity for the school community to interact with one another and come together.


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