Seniors Climb Up to College Office

By Sarah Cen ’18

Futures are looking up for seniors! As the school year kicks off and the college process intensifies, seniors have to adapt to a new change: the relocation of the College and Career Office.

With the recruitment of several new guidance counselors, more office space was needed on the first floor. Therefore, the college office space had to be relocated to the fourth floor to create more space for the department. 

“The room up here was empty and the administration decided that the bigger space was better,” said Ms. Lorrie Director, one of the college counselors. “The relocation of the office requires me to climb several flights of stairs, which is a good thing because the exercise is good for my quads.” 

However, the transition has not been complete yet. Mr.Harper is still on the first floor and will move to the new office soon. Administrators are working on building individual offices, like the ones in the old office, to ensure a sense of confidentiality.

“The current structure of the college office isn’t secluded, so it doesn’t really feel like an office,” said Ms. Director. “Some students might feel uneasy sharing personal matters.”

They are also working on getting air conditioning in the office. Despite these challenges, the college office staff members are doing their best to support and meet each student’s needs. Ms. Stephanie Gluck took over the role as a college counselor for this school year.

“Ms. Gluck has been extremely helpful with my questions and the college process in general,” said Josephine Leung ’18. “She is always attentive and ready to help.”

Ms. Director appreciates the addition of Ms. Gluck to the college office team and highlights the significance of their teamwork. She also mentions that the Gluck Duck, a piece of Ms. Gluck’s office decor, adds pizazz to the new office.

“Having Ms. Gluck seamlessly step into her role has been so helpful,” Ms. Director said. “The three of us, me, Ms. Gluck, and Ms. Murdoch, are a dynamic trio that work well together.”

As the school year proceeds, seniors should finish gathering their final pieces for their college office files. The short recommendations, autobiographical essays, student profiles, and list of senior classes are all due by November 15. Ms. Director and Ms. Gluck both stress the importance of keeping track of deadlines and paying attention to announcements.

“Everyone needs to be checking their emails daily and reading the College Handbook because a lot of the questions they might have are answered there,” Ms. Director said. “They should also check Naviance for scholarships and other additional information.”

Regardless of the location, the college office is a crucial resource for all students and provides assistance on college readiness.

“The college office has helped me tremendously. I was introduced to potential careers and fields of study,” said Xin Lin ’18. “The college counselors made a strenuous process into something simple.”


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