Lady Hornets Dive Into New Season

By Jessie Liu ’18

Diving into their new season, the Lady Hornets are hoping to swim to victory. Coached by Ms. Renee Goldfarb, the girls varsity swim team is stoked for what’s to come in the new season.

The Lady Hornets hosted practices for several years at Madison High School, but since several pools have closed down for renovations, Lincoln High School is where the team practices now.

“Last season compared to this season is completely different,” said Mariana Liu ’18. “Last season we had access to a much closer pool, but since the pool is under renovations, we have to travel a bit more to a further pool. However, we are very lucky to have access to a pool.”

Captain of the girls swim team, Lillian Chen ’18, said, “Our first meet last season was The Battle of Bedford, which was super exciting and crazy. The meets with Madison were usually the most competitive and even though we lost last year, I had a blast with my old and new teammates. This year, we started with Telecommunication, which was exciting for the new teammates because it was their first time experiencing a real high school swim meet.”

The girls varsity swim team is part of the Brooklyn division. They swim against schools such as Brooklyn Tech, Millennium High School, James Madison, Fort Hamilton, New Utrecht, etc.

Captain of the team, Sophia Brooke ’18 said, “The division we are in is very competitive, and it’s important to set goals and work towards them but to also have fun and make memories that you will remember for a lifetime.”

The team is composed of several athletes who play more than one sport. The team also includes swimmers who are in a lot of extra-curricular activities. This can be a problem because these athletes have to miss club meetings or other afterschool activities and jobs in order to swim. They truly put the team as their first priority.

Brooke ’18 said, “Compared to the previous seasons, this season’s team consists of true friends that hang out inside and outside of the pool throughout the season.”

“Everyone on the team is always encouraging each other and having lots of fun,” added Yim.

Last season the team had an astounding record of 8-3 and made it to the playoffs. Many girls broke their personal records and had fun doing so. This season, the swim team hopes to have the same momentum and take it all home. 

“I look forward to swimming in meets, improving my skills, and most importantly, doing my best,” said Rachel Yim ’18.

Liu said, “For the new members of the team, I advise you to always push yourselves: as a swimmer and as a person.”

Ms. Goldfarb said the new members bring a lot of energy and talent to the team and everyone is very excited to have them on board.

Brooke added, “With a variety of skills on the team, I hope the new girls and returning girls can learn from each other and accomplish their goals for the season.”

Many seniors embrace their last swimming season and strive toward goals to complete before the season ends.

“As a senior, my final goal is to drop my time compared to the previous season,” said Liu.

Chen said, “Coach Goldfarb has helped us so much along the way, from finding us a pool to swim into organizing future fundraiser projects that we will have, I know that the whole team appreciates and loves her hard work, because without her, there would be no Midwood Girl’s Swimming. Thank you, Coach Goldfarb!”

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