Girls’ Soccer Kicks Off New Season

By Ashlee Basant ’18 and Lara Schuman ’18

In interest of full disclosure, Lara Schuman ’18 is the captain of the girls’ soccer team. 

The Lady Hornets soccer team had a rough start to the season, losing to Grand Street, but they picked themselves up and won eight games out of eleven. The team had high expectations this season because of their nearly undefeated season last year

Naomi Giancola ’19 said, “Coming back from last season we had really high expectations and there was a lot of pressure on us to have a perfect season.  So far I think we have done our best with what we have.” 

The Lady Hornets endured changes this season, such as new players and coaching tactics. The team lost eight players last year and they knew rebuilding the chemistry with eight new players would be difficult; it changed the whole dynamic of the team and added a different vibe. 

“Being out on the field playing with the other girls and seeing the chemistry we have makes me sad to realize it’s my last season. We’ve definitely improved as a team and it’s very clear from our first game to now,” said Isabel Learis ’18.

Coach Kendra Lane said she tried something different this season. “I took more feedback from my players in how they think the team can improve and what it takes for them to do so,” said Coach Lane. “This helped the players become stronger on and off the field. It allowed captains as well as other players to step up in creating productive drills for our practices so we would continue to improve as the season progressed.”

They lost many of their starters, which made it difficult for the team to find their groove in the beginning of the season.  They had a tough first game where they seemed to be discombobulated on the field. As the season progressed, the team seemed to find their footing and gained confidence, leading to their next six victories.  

Biondina Voca ’18 said, “The season has been going really well so far, I think we have a great chance to make it to playoffs for the third year in a row now. We’ve had a few tough losses but that has just made us more motivated and stronger as a team.” 

Last year the team suffered from a few injuries, but that wasn’t the case this season. The team’s bright and optimistic spirit is what keeps them going, even when they are losing. They hope to bring their strong momentum into playoffs. They have great confidence that will get them past the first round for the first time.

“When soccer starts we never want it to end. Not only do we love the game, we  all love each other,” said Jessica Vittoriano ’19.

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